Pretty Hard Cases Preview: “Ritz”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

This week on Pretty Hard Cases, our dynamic duo are playing a game of beat the clock in an attempt to wrangle Randy so Sam can finally land the DS promotion. Duff is all in to help, even though she may be a little reticent to lose her new unofficial partner. Randy, meanwhile, is working a backchannel deal that’s news to Tiggy, and she’s most displeased when she discovers it

Sam has a reasonably good interview for the new role, but when the questions turn to Randy, her mouth gets ahead of her brain in promising to secure him by the time the decision is made for the job. Fortunately, she gets handed a hot tip about stash compartments in cars that may be transporting drugs for the Stockwood Crew. That leads them to a sketchy car wash and an even sketchier owner.

Pretty Hard Cases

Over at the not-quite-a-hideout motel, Randy’s bored taking orders from Tiggy and decides to make a play for an MDMA side hustle after their trippy molly test drive last week. Unfortunately, Tiggy has promised a loan repayment to a previously unseen Bill Massiamo (a delightful, menacing Kim Coates), who shows up unannounced and discovers she’s a little light on cash, thanks to Randy.

Pretty Hard Cases

That whole mess also ropes in Elliott and Jackie, which may not completely suck.

Duff’s personal life is still complicated by her inability to pull the trigger on calling her whatever it is a relationship. Look for a sweet scene between her and Sam that shows us just how lonely Sam is, and how mistreated she’s been for her quirks, which goes a long way to explaining her enthusiasm for claiming Duff as a friend. We also get some background on why Duff’s a cop when one of their leads takes her straight to an old acquaintance.

Pretty Hard Cases

Penelope Buitenhuis directs a script by Ley Lukins & Keavy Lynch.

Pretty Hard Cases airs Wednesdays at 9 pm (9:30 NT)  on CBC and CBC Gem. Here’s a sneak peek. ICYMI, our previous coverage is here. [Update: The entire first season is available in the US on September 10th, streaming free on IMDb TV.]


Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC

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