No Cougar Town for Canadian Fans?

Earlier today, Citytv announced its 2012-13 lineup, and fan favorite Cougar Town was noticeably absent.

My worries actually began as soon as it was announced that CT was moving to TBS (which we don’t get in Canada) and today’s network presentation didn’t help ease my mind.

Now, we still have two more presentations this week, and here’s hoping that Cougar Town¬†finds a new Canadian home on CTV or Global.

Let’s all say it together – Canadians Can’t Do Without Our Cul De Sac Crew!

Who else will be devastated if Cougar Town doesn’t have a home in Canada next season?

4 thoughts on “No Cougar Town for Canadian Fans?

  1. HELP!!!
    We had Cougar Town on CITY TV in Edmonton until last week, when its spot was taken over by the dreadful sitcom ” How To Live With Your Parents…”.
    NO notice, no rescheduling of Cougar Town and no response from City TV.
    Anyone out there know whats going to happen??

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