2012-13 Upfronts: Canadian Edition – Global TV Unveils its Fall Lineup!

In the second of three major upfront presentations this week in Toronto, Shaw Media took the stage earlier today, and here’s the Fall 2012 schedule for Global!

(All times ET and subject to change. New programs bolded and in CAPS)


8pm Bones (Season 8 / Simulcast)
9pm Parenthood (Season 4 / Pre-release)
10pm Hawaii Five-0 (Season 3 / Simulcast)


8pm NCIS (Season 10 / Simulcast)
9pm NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 4 / Simulcast)
10pm VEGAS (1 hour / Drama / Simulcast)


8pm Survivor: Philippines (Season 25 / Simulcast)
9pm GO ON (30 min / Comedy / Post-release)
9:30pm GUYS WITH KIDS (30 min / Comedy / Post-release)
10pm CHICAGO FIRE (1 hour / Drama / Simulcast)


8pm LAST RESORT (1 hour / Drama / Simulcast)
9pm Glee (Season 4 / Simulcast)
10pm ELEMENTARY (1 hour / Drama / Simulcast)


8pm Touch (Season 2 / Simulcast)
9pm MADE IN JERSEY (1 hour / Drama / Simulcast)
10pm 16×9 (Season 5)


7:30pm The Cleveland Show (Season 4 / Simulcast)
8pm The Simpsons (Season 24 / Simulcast)
8:30pm Bob’s Burgers (Season 3 / Simulcast)
9pm Family Guy (Season 11 / Simulcast)
9:30pm American Dad (Season 9 / Simulcast)
10pm The Good Wife (Season 4 / Post-release)

Slated for midseason are Save Me, The Job, and the second season of Bomb Girls. Noticeably absent from the schedule is The Office, which is waiting in the wings according to network execs.

Also, they’re really hyping up Elementary which I’m not convinced on yet (although I adore Jonny Lee Miller).

Coming soon – video of NCIS: LA star LL Cool J for you from this morning’s press breakfast!

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