Lost Girl: Season 1 So Far

Lost Girl is wrapping up its freshman season pretty soon, and we got word a couple of weeks ago that it will be back for a second season next year on Showcase (although no U.S. distribution yet). What started as a light and fairly goofy show has actually settled into a reasonably serious rhythm as newly-revealed Fae, Bo, and her human BFF, Kenzi, have found their lives repeatedly endangered – by humans and Fae alike.

Bo’s jeopardy has been less of an issue because she and fellow (Good) Fae, Dyson, have had a friends with benefits (plus medical plan) thing going on, but it got tricky when they couldn’t sustain it without emotions getting in the way – neither has been able to admit at the same time that they actually want a relationship. In the interim, Bo has turned to the Good Fae’s human doctor, Lauren, to learn how to heal herself without killing, and that, in turn, has set up a potential love triangle because Lauren is interested in dating her, which surprised Bo, but which she’s actually thinking about. So, in a liberal change of pace, “will they or won’t they?” became “yes, and often, but not anymore.” The sex scenes are pretty overt (by U.S. broadcast standards, which may be keeping it off U.S. TV for now) but the frankness is also really refreshing – as is the fact that the lead character can switch hit and nobody bats an eye.

Kenzi’s near-death experiences have included spiders, goblins, and accidentally partaking of a cadaver stew (after which she hilariously swigged everything in the medicine cabinet, including perfume, to get the taste out of her mouth). With the cadaver case, Bo got Lauren out of the lab and into the field as they discovered a pharmaceutical company was using a sea serpent Fae for product testing. Trick (who runs the Fae-safe pub) came through to buy Kenzi some time, revealing he’s not as anti-human as you’d think. He’s also since been referred to as the Blood King, so there’s more to be told there. One really sweet scene in that episode had Dyson looking for Kenzi after she bolted the Good Fae’s medical ward. He finds her in a cemetery, sitting alone on a park bench. He sits down beside her and puts his arm around her, keeping her as safe as he can, considering the threat against her life is inside her. In that moment, we saw how really very young Kenzi is to have happened into this new life with Bo. Ksenia Solo, who plays Kenzi, is 23 and she’s playing 15-16 on Life Unexpected, so I’m guessing Kenzi falls somewhere in the middle of that range.

Kenzi also offers a running narration on Bo’s predicaments and is the one who usually grounds her back to reality. Together, they’ve tried to make a go of being sort of detectives for good, and in the process, battled an array of nefarious beings that goes well beyond the Fae, opening the ladies’ eyes to just how far and wide the supernatural world goes.

Bo’s larger arc has been getting piecemeal information on her birth parents, especially her mother, who nobody wants to ID directly but the intimation is there that one or both were Fae and fairly powerful. Dyson and Trick commiserate often but haven’t totally tipped their hands about what they’re actually discussing. Bo’s lack of an affiliation is also still an issue for everybody, and I’m guessing we’ll get a decision on that in the finale that will set up season two, which I’m just really glad we’re getting. This has become my guilty pleasure show this fall.

Only three episodes left!

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  1. your bio is funny the first time i saw jensen was in dark angel 😛

    I do not think lost girl is a guilty pleasure I FRAKKING loved it since day 1! Episode 12 was so so so so good.

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