Announcing … The Lost Girl Pre-Show on Showcase!

I know that none of you Lost Girl fans want to think about the Season 2 finale being just over a month away, but some news that was released this morning should have you excited!

Showcase announced the Lost Girl Pre-Show, “a brand-new one-hour special leading up to the hotly anticipated season two finale of the channel’s number one series.”

This live-to-tape special is being filmed in front of a live audience on the series’ Toronto set on March 25th,  and will be hosted by LG writer Steve Cochrane (who you might know as host of the  Showcase Showcast). The special will include interviews with Anna Silk and other cast members, exclusive behind the scenes footage, questions from the audience, and more! It’s set to air on Sunday April 1st at 8pm ET/PT, right before the Season 2 finale!

To enter, visit between February 25th and March 11th, and describe in 200 words or less why you are the biggest Lost Girl fan and/or submit a photo showing your Lost Girl spirit.

This sounds so exciting! What a way to say farewell to the season, and hopefully some of you will get to be part of the audience.

Photo Courtesy of Showcase

One thought on “Announcing … The Lost Girl Pre-Show on Showcase!

  1. Hurray!!! What a way to end S2!!! Hope a lot of #Faedom apply! Hope it doesn’t tape (March 25) late into the evening b/c a HUGE 2nd last episode fan viewing party planned!

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