Lost Girl: Girlfriends and Garudas

Lost Girl fans – I need to talk about a potential theory I have, and I’d love your input on it.

I’ve had this thought at the back of my mind since a certain girlfriend came out of her coma … that Nadia is somehow connected to the Garuda. And following the ending of tonight’s episode, I’m even more inclined to think that it was no coincidence that Lauren’s lover was nosing around Bo’s place, or that she was acting pretty damn weird when Lauren found her after the knife incident.

At this point, I don’t think Nadia is the Garuda, but I definitely think the Garuda is working through Nadia, using her as an instrument in its impending attack on all of Faedom.

So let’s chat. Do you think this is a plausible theory? Or if you have a theory on Nadia, feel free to share it below.

6 thoughts on “Lost Girl: Girlfriends and Garudas

  1. I think your theory could really have some merit!! Big Bad or not Nadia is not good for Lauren – she seems awfully clingy and jealous. I mean yeah Bo is in a class all her own… But true love isn’t a competition! Course on that note – I do think Lauren and Bo are the ultimate end game.

    It sure did look like Nadia was essentially taking inventory in Bo’s room – that was not just a curious glance at all!

  2. After tonights episode and the way Nadia was acting, cutting her hand and having a taste is not normal, I think your theory is very plausible.

  3. Nadia has been an enigma from day one. She is certainly not a sympathetic character: unlike Ciara, Bo has hated Nadia from the start and it always seemed to be much more than jealousy. Nadia herself isn’t that unlikable either. She is clingy – borderline possessive and all of her interactions with Lauren are forced and awkward. Maybe we are supposed to feel that way, I don’t know.

    I hadn’t made a Nadia/Garuda connection until tonight’s episode. Nosing aside, her licking her own blood seemed like a parallel to the Garuda licking Trick’s hand a few episodes ago.

    It’s definitely a plausible theory. Either Nadia has always been bad news and was keeping tabs on Lauren all along (there is a theory that Lauren is connected to Bo through something mythical), or something went wrong with the removing of the nail (Bo removed more than she should have) and the Garuda “took her body” and is using Nadia’s relationship with Lauren to get to know their enemy (Bo).

  4. Iagree with that. I think the garuda is definitely working through Nadia.As far as we know Lauren hasn’t told Bo about their relationship so why would Nadia be checking out the competition? My extended theory is that Nadia actually first came into contact with the Garuda in the congo. I suspect the Garuda was what was making the Fae sick. I think the old Ash, unable to stop the Garuda did the only thing he could without killing Nadia and had her cursed to contain it. I also wonder about Lachlans intentions in releasing Nadia. Did The OldAsh’s journals say why Nadia was cursed?

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