Lost Girl: Of All the Gin Joints

“Of All the Gin Joints” has been the least action packed episode so far of Lost Girl‘s fourth season, but some interesting things took place.

A Deadly Night at the Opera
The episode opens with Lara Jean Chorostecki, who you may know from “Hannibal” or “Copper,” as an opera diva named Yanka, performing an aria. She looks almost bird-like, in a white ensemble trimmed with feathers. She’s performing for someone posh and attempts to run for it. She stumbles into the Dal Riata, speaking Russian – which Kenzi quickly picks up on – and she recognizes bo, saying that Bo told her to come. Bo has no freakin’ clue who the lady is!

They take Yanka into Trick’s quarters and he says that she’s an Alchemist, which is a descendant of some type Bird People, and the feathers now make sense. She sings powerful songs that can cause people to remember things, or that can kill someone, or even end her own life. Yanka tells Bo that she sang for her somewhere, but doesn’t remember the exact location, and it was Bo who inspired Yanka to escape. Yanka starts singing a song and Bo is back on the train. It seems that Yanka is the key to unlocking Bo’s memories from when she was gone, but Yanka has some conditions: if she sings for Bo, she wants her freedom in exchange, which includes performing a famous aria in public. Yanka’s owner, a wealthy and powerful guy that I think they refer to as a Duloch doesn’t want to share her, but ends up agreeing to a performance at The Dal. Yanka also further convinces Bo that they’ve met before by telling her there’s a note in the handle of Bo’s knife, and sure enough, it’s there!

The command performance at The Dal begins and as Yanka sings, Bo remembers even more. She’s on the train and opens a silver tray to find a crown that has “Isabeau” engraved on the inside of it. Bo says, “I can almost see his face,” and that’s when the show is interrupted by a dude with a detonator in hand! Meet Marcus and his device that can make the crystals on Yanka’s necklace – made of Atlantian quartz – go boom. Marcus is at odds with Yanka’s owner and there have been wars fought over her. Yanka was once in Marcus’ possession but Bamber the Duloch stole her back. Marcus steals Yanka away and when he discovers Bo and Dyson are listening in on him, he presses the detonator. Nothing happens. In a side trip to Doc Lewis, Kenzi learned that based on it’s lack of colour, the quartz had lost its fire.

In something that I saw coming earlier, we learn that Yanka and Marcus are working together. She loves him and thinks he feels the same, but he’s just using her. Marcus forces Yanka to sing a death note with the intention of killing Bamber and all of that species, but it kills Marcus instead, and soon after claims Yanka’s life as well. Yanka was briefly free before dying, and took that moment to pass something to Bo. It’s some type of trinket that plays Yanka’s song and will help Bo remember. And the next memory, which we don’t see, greatly upsets Bo.

Lauren and Evony: No Strings Attached?
Lauren is moving out of Light Fae Loft Central and happily dancing around the place when Evony shows up with pizza, beer, and some old books. In their banter, Lauren admits to an extensive “Star Trek” collection complete with Khan collectible action figures (tee hee). After some brews and banter, Evony shares that the books are the professional journals of Charles Mayo, Albert Einstein, and Marie Curie, and I think she almost suggest that they were Fae. Lauren is impressed, and Evony tells the Doc that there are more from these brilliant minds along with other luminaries in the Dark Fae archives.

There’s much talk about humanity and human experimentation. Lauren sees in one of the journals that humans were being experimented on, and Evony seems to be a supporter of that methodology. Evony almost sounds concerned about humans and finding cures for what ails therm, and Lauren comments that there may be a shred of humanity in the Morrigan. Lauren tells Evony that if she agrees to work for the Dark Fae, it will be on her own terms, but that’s doesn’t stop unexpected visitor Kenzi from accusing the Doc of drinking the Dark Kool Aid.

Evony ends up giving Lauren full access to a “Dark Science and Medical Testing Facility,” and Lauren responds by kissing the Morrigan. Lauren is much more assertive this season and I am continuing to enjoy this side of her. Evony says that Lauren is “Team Dark” now and she can taste it, but Lauren has motives. Once Evony has left, Lauren pulls something skin-like from her bottom lip and puts it in a petri dish. She then raises her beer and toasts “To it … beginning.” What is she up to?!”

Hale and Kenzi Sitting on a Bench … K-I-S-S-I-N-G (But not French!)
How long is it that we’ve been waiting for Kenzi and Hale to hook up for realz? Well, it has finally happened, but rather than fireworks, it was unexpectedly sweet and tender.

Yanka is an old friend of Hale’s and Kenzi is instantly jealous of the Russian speaking diva. While I’m not sure if Yanka was an old flame, she was definitely a friend that would play childhood pranks with Hale. When things start to go down with Yanka’s abduction from The Dal, Hale pretends to leave Trick’s quarters but instead hides in the shadows and watches what’s happening.

Kenzi returns after going to Lauren for info on Yanka’s necklace and realizes that Hale has disappeared. She’s distraught and laments that Hale may never know how she feels. Hale shows up as Yanka begins her final performance and has to carry Kenzi away since she’s been affected by the death note. When Kenzi regains her senses, they kind of admit their feelings for one another and kiss – but it’s more like that of an established couple that’s past the honeymoon phase. Kenzi feels a bit hung over from the death note and asks Hale if he was affected by it. He says no, but we see him wipe blood from his ear. Eeek!

Dark + Light = Lusty, Sweaty and Naked
Dyson’s returned and Bo nonchalantly gives him the news that she’s Dark. He is taken aback briefly but soon overcome by their insane chemistry, which leads to a quick sojourn in Trick’s barrel room at The Dal … and Trick walks in on them. Nothing like Gramps catching his granddaughter in the act!

There’s an encounter between Bo and Dyson late in the episode, and while she’ll hungrily use his body, she won’t look at him despite his pleading with her to do so. As I’ve mentioned in previous recaps, we’re dealing with a different Bo, but she does seem to be torn, and is haunted by what she may or may not have done while on that train. She tells Dyson that she was “hatching a plan and sending herself clues in the future,” which includes her pledging allegiance to the Dark. He says that Dark and Light are only labels and that they shouldn’t define themselves that way, and then Bo kind of collapses. She notices a hand mark on her shoulder and thinks it must have been The Wanderer, Rainer, whoever had her captive, and says that she thinks her father is connected. The Una Mens burst in a few moments later blah blah blah-ing about a “Codex of Laws” being infringed upon and that they’re there to take Dyson away. He won’t go willingly and wolfs out, but the Una Mens respond by going all scary face. Whaaaaaa? Is this because a Light Fae and Dark Fae are frolicking between the sheets? Or is there something bigger happening here?

Fae-vourite Lines:

Bo: “Four score and a bunch of years ago, Lincoln threw down and slavery went the way of the dodo.”

Trick: “Kenzi, you need to get out of here. An Alchemist’s song can hurt humans.”
Kenzi: “After nearly four years of your nerve shredding, fiddle dee, pluck me holy clover shoot me in the face music, I think I can handle it.”

Lauren: “Doctor’s Log. Stardate 4365 point 3. Sitting on couch with Evony, a.k.a. The Morrigan who seems suspiciously human.”

Random Thoughts:

  • Is it just me, or are Bo and Dyson the lustiest and nakedest they’ve ever been on this show?
  • Evony has a microbrewery. And it produces a beer that’s 25% alcohol. Do they offer tours?
  • I never pictured Lauren as a beer and pizza kind of gal, but first it was a pizza party with Crystal, and now with Evony. Huh.
  • Why does Evony want to experiment on humans? And is Lauren on to something when she says she sees some humanity in Evony? Was Evony once human?

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