Lost Girl: Like Hell, Part 2

In Lost Girl‘s “Like Hell, Part 2,” the action picks up immediately following the season premiere with Kenzi buried alive and Bo on her way to a different hell.

What the Hades?

It isn’t long before Kenzi is rescued by Lauren and Dyson, and although we don’t see it, Lauren lets Kenzi know that while she was civilized and used a shovel, Dyson used his paws to dig her out.

Bo gets off the elevator and finds the entrance to a maze. She hears Kenzi crying, and then laughing. It’s some type of creature that can mimic voices, and it slashes her thigh. A bird swoops in and turns into a woman. She offers to help Bo, but no one can know that she helped. She reveals that they’re in Tartarus, but the lobby looks like an abandoned, blue-tinted Valhalla.

Back at Marquise, Lauren is examining Kenzi, who is back to her feisty self. While they indulge in a beaker of medical vodka, they’re interrupted by something ghostly that traces the word “HELP” on some glass. They assume it’s Bo, and Kenzi pays a visit to Trick. He suggests it could be something else, and gives Kenzi a Ouija board to contact the spirit.

Over in Tartarus, an injured Bo feeds on her helper to heal her leg, which gets very – ahem – intense; at the same time, Lauren is in Bo’s bed and the spirit is mimicking Bo’s actions. Lauren’s fun ends when she’s interrupted by Kenzi with the Ouija board.

Bo learns that the bird lady she was getting freaky with is not only THE Persephone, daughter of Demeter, eater of six pomegranate seeds, wife of Hades, she’s also Bo’s stepmom! Bo is mad and thinks daddy sent Persephone to seduce her, but Persephone says Hades doesn’t know she’s helping Bo. Bo wants to find him and confront him, and Persephone tells Bo that she looks like her dad when she’s angry. Persephone says that Bo needs to leave Tartarus, but Bo refuses.

Bo opens a door and finds the nursery that she saw in her dawning. There’s also a cage, and Persephone tells Bo that’s where Hades held Bo’s mom. Bo enters the cage and peels back some wallpaper to find a drawing of a blue-eyed woman and child heading for the sunlight. Persephone tells Bo that Aoife had intended to leave with her daughter, but when the time came, only one was able to escape — Bo.

Bo and Persephone search for something called the Artemis Candle; Persephone’s mom gave it to her so that she could illuminate a path home. This leads them back to the elevator, and Bo enters it alone. She’s not sure which button to push, but suddenly, the glowing handprint returns to her chest, and she turns around to see one button illuminated in blue – the Penthouse. The doors open and Bo can hear her dad breathing, but he’s hiding. She taunts him to face her, saying he’s not her family. He’s darkness and she never wants to meet him if it means putting her true family in trouble. If he wants to meet her, it’ll be on her terms and on her turf. Bo vows that not only will she never be what her father wants her to be, she’ll also take everything he has. Bo finds the candle, picks it up, and goes back to the elevator where a hand grabs her by the throat. She fights it off, saying she’s not a coward like him. She’ll fight back because her mother taught her to. She breaks the grip and the hand recedes as the elevator doors close.

Bo tries to bring Persephone back with her, but her stepmom says she has to stay in Hades. Persephone gives Bo the candle, asking her to light it when she returns home. It will let Persephone’s family know she’s OK and never stopped thinking of them. Persephone also tells Bo, “It’s important to let the light in, Bo. Sometimes that’s all it takes to keep the evil away.” Bo disappears in a burst of light, and returns through the gates of Valhalla which are being held open by Dyson.

Dyson and Stacey

Stacey is sent from Valhalla to find Freyja a soul to replace Kenzi’s and Dyson meets her at the gate. He takes her to the Dal where she sets her sights on Trick as a replacement soul, but Dyson says he’s a drunk and a liar (which we know is somewhat true). He offers Stacey what starts off sounding like himself, but then he says, “He’s the last of his kind, he’s a Mesmer, goes by the name Vex.” Stacey kisses Dyson to make sure he’s not lying, and Tamsin interrupts them. Dyson learns that Stacey is Tam’s sister, and he’s a bit weirded out given their history. While they chat, Stacey takes off with Dyson’s phone.

Spirited Away?

Earlier, Kenzi and Lauren performed a séance with the Ouija board in an attempt to contact Bo. They learned that the spirit wasn’t Bo, but rather something that Lauren disturbed when she accidentally broke its urn, an Edimmu. Kenzi and Lauren trapped the spirit in the Ouija board and set it on fire.

Stacey stops by the loft demanding a soul, and the texts on Dyson’s phone show that Lauren is who Bo loves most of all. Stacey also has the necklace that Lauren gave to Bo. Lauren says she’ll go with Stacey to Valhalla, but Tamsin walks in and says Stacey can go back to Valhalla empty-handed and see what it’s like to fail for a change. Stacey leaves in a huff after an insult to her hair.

Once Bo is back, she has dinner with her “family.” Trick tries to learn about the underworld from Bo, while Dyson gives Kenzi a gift from Hale. When Lauren and Bo go to Trick’s wine cellar to replenish their supply, they realize that Lauren and Kenzi didn’t get rid of the Edimmu’s ghost … they just made it corporeal. It tries to attack Lauren, but Kenzi shoots it. That’s when Kenzi realizes that it’s always something with the Fae, and that she needs to try having a normal life. The gift from Hale was some land off the coast of Spain, so she packs her bags and says farewell.

In the final scene, Bo remembers Persephone’s words, and removes the boards from her window, letting the sunlight in. She places the Artemis candle in the window and lights it. At the same time, we see a blonde woman in an elevator talking on a cell phone. The same candle appears and then disappears from her hands. When Bo lights it, it appears again in the blonde woman’s hands, everything goes dark, and there are screams. Oh no … was Bo tricked?

Fae-vourite Quotes:

Kenzi (to Lauren): Yikes, your hands are colder than a yeti’s snownads!

Trick: Have you considered it could be something else?
Kenzi: Ghost dad? Ghost Swayze?

Persephone: He’s King of the Underworld. Fae who is perceived as a god.
Bo: He is an asshole, perceived by me as an asshole.

Stacey: Valhalla’s books will still be unbalanced.
Tamsin: Well, so are my boobs, but I make do.

Thoughts and Questions:

  • I know that the Persephone myth was contemplated on Twitter during last week’s premiere when Bo and Kenzi were eating in Valhalla. I never imagined that Persephone would be Bo’s stepmama, let alone Hades her dad (although I’m suspecting he may go by several names).
  • What is it with stepmom makeout sessions? Jane the Virgin did it and now so has Lost Girl!
  • Lauren pretending to stab herself with the fancy tongue depressor while Kenzi complained about the thorough check-up was pretty funny. (Lauren, never stop being awesome, OK?) Also, drinking vodka out of a beaker needs to be a thing!
  • Who is this blonde woman in the elevator? And how is she connected to the candle?
  • How soon before we see Bo’s daddy?

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