Lost Girl: It’s Your Lucky Fae

In the immortal words of SNL‘s Stefon, this episode of Lost Girl has everything: birthdays, oracles, online dating, bar fights, and catsumption. What’s catsumption? It’s that thing where you get a lucky stuffed cat as a birthday gift and it starts consuming your spirit until you turn into a feline. Let’s check out what else happened in “It’s Your Lucky Fae”!

Didn’t See That Coming

It’s almost Bo’s birthday and Daddy Dearest has sent a gift — a carved wooden box. She has questions and seeks Cassie the Oracle’s help. Cassie’s on a date when Bo calls, and she’s a bit annoyed since people only seem to call when they need something. Bo and Cassie arrange to meet at the Dal the next day, and Cassie gets back to her date. He’s a suave guy, and mentions a party girl sister. When Cassie offers him a reading, he declines and says that he predicts her life is about to change. Cassie takes him back to her place, and now she’s into him. They kiss, and then he leaves, saying that he’s a gentleman. Once the door closes, Cassie is struck with overwhelming pain in her head. Did her date to something to her? Or is it a premonition that’s too much for her to take?

The next day, Bo goes to the Dal to meet Cassie, but Cassie doesn’t show. Trick has a gift for Bo, and Tamsin realizes that she forgot about her roomie’s bday, and meets up with Lauren, who also forgot. They plan a surprise party at the Dal, and TamTam suggests Yeti strippers (um … ewwwww). They also need a gift, and Lauren and Tamsin find a curio shop with an odd stuffed cat in the window. Tamsin thinks it’s perfect for Bo, but Lauren disagrees. The shopkeeper tells them it brings luck, and Tamsin insists they buy it. They give the gift to Bo when they see her at the Dal, and although Bo’s a bit taken aback by the odd gift, she’s more concerned about Cassie. Bo and Tamsin decide to check out Cassie’s apartment, and Lauren hesitantly stays behind to bake a cake and prepare for the party. Bo and Tamsin don’t find Cassie, but there’s blood everywhere, and it looks like an ice cream scoop was used for nefarious purposes.

Bo gets a lead from Cassie’s cousin Seymour, a Soul Eater. He doesn’t know Cassie’s whereabouts, but they should check with the dates she’s met through an online dating site, FaeDate. Bo and Tamsin head to the loft and set up a FaeDate profile for Bo under a fake name and listing her as an Oracle. While posing for a profile pic, Tamsin notices Bo purring. Odd. Bo brushes it off, and keeps trying to call Cassie and the other Oracles – none of which are answering their phones. As soon as the profile is up, Heratio55 – Cassie’s last date – sends a message. Bo’s phone rings and it’s coming from Cassie’s phone, but she doesn’t say anything. We see a blindfolded Cassie, and someone smashing her phone.

Bo meets Heratio for a date with Tamsin working undercover as a waitress, and Bo is acting even more cat-like: lapping up a martini, playing with a salt shaker like a toy, and stress panting. There’s some innuendo-laden small talk between Bo and Heratio, and Bo uses her Succubus powers to get the truth out of him about Cassie. He says he kissed her goodnight and left. Bo starts growing fur at that point and cuts the date short.

Bo and Tamsin go to Trick for help, and he figures out that the stuffed cat actually holds a spirit that is now connected to Bo’s spirit. Although it’s bringing Bo good luck, it’s slowly turning her into a cat, and they can’t destroy the cat without destroying Bo’s spirit. And because there needs to be some balance, Lauren’s been struck with a streak of bad luck, from burning one birthday cake to ending up face down in another. Trick will try to find a way to break the tie between Bo and the cat, but Bo’s going to use some more of that good luck to try tracking Cassie down. Tamsin’s going along and Lauren insists on joining them, too. I have to mention that there’s a bit of a pissing contest going on between Tamsin and Lauren this episode when it comes to Bo.

The luck is making Bo reckless and she drives away in her car blindfolded, with Tamsin and Lauren in tow. They head to the woods, and while Tam and Doc bicker over Bo, our Succubus is becoming even more cat-like, and then disappears. She falls through the ground and the cat mojo comes in handy so she lands on all fours. She not only finds Cassie there, but the other two Oracles are with her – and they’re missing their eyes!

Seymour is brought back to the Dal where Dyson and Tamsin question him. It looks like Heratio may not be a nice guy after all; he paid Seymour for info on Cassie. Seymour’s been down on his luck, and this inspires Dyson and Tamsin to play the lucky cat right into Seymour’s hands … or rather, his mouth. Seymour sucks up the cat, freeing Bo.

Dyson and Lauren later discover that Heratio is actually Kevin Brown, one of the dead bodies from the elevator crash. I wonder if sister he referred to earlier is Elizabeth Helm?

TamTam attempts to salvage what’s left of Bo’s birthday with a cupcake and herself wrapped in a big red bow. Yowza! Now that’s a whole different kind of lucky. There’s some pillowtalk afterward, and Tamsin says that Bo looks sad. Bo confides that she was born in Hell and that her dad is Hades. Tamsin asked if she talked to him, and Bo says no. As much as Bo tries to do good and get away from her father, he will always be a part of her, and will always find her. She mentions his gift, and when they show the wooden box, it has a handle on it. Wait, is that the music box that we’ve seen before?!? Bo says that she needs to find a way to separate herself from her dad. Bo also suspects he’s trying to use her for some terrible purpose, and Tamsin assures her that they won’t let that happen.

Cassie wakes up at Lauren’s clinic and Lauren asks what she remembers. Cassie says that she saw everything that’s happened since the beginning of time. It was too much to take, and the end is coming. She also says that the oracles did this to themselves to make the visions stop. Ouch.

Bartending and Making Friends

Mark’s working as a bartender at the Dal and makes an unlikely friend – Vex! They meet when Mark catches Vex drinking and dashing, and Vex calls Mark out on underpouring drinks for bar patrons. They play a little game of “Rock, Paper, Guillotine” for a couple of girls that were checking them out – one of which that’s there with a boyfriend – and Mark wins. I have to mention that earlier in the episode, Trick has Mark sign the ledger of all the Fae who have passed through the Dal. When the young Shifter takes the girls down to Trick’s lair, one distracts him with some fancy tongue work while the other one steals the ledger, and then plays voyeur.

When Mark resumes his bar duties, there’s an angry boyfriend that wants revenge, and as a fight ensues, Vex helps Mark out with some Mesmer moves! Dyson is called to break up the fight and to look into Trick’s missing ledger. Dyson tells Vex to stay away from Mark, and that’s when Vex learns that Dyson’s a daddy. Mark doesn’t like Dyson, and thinks he’s too busy doing other people’s bidding. If only Mark knew what Dyson did for him with The Hunter. Mark also has that “I don’t have to answer to anyone except me” streak, much like Bo.

Later on, the girl who stole the book returns to the Dal, and when Mark asks her about it, she distracts him by showing off one of her powers (although I’m not sure what she is). She asks what Mark can do; he says he doesn’t know, and the only person that can is his jerk of a dad. The girl tells Mark that everyone serves someone, and that she serves her “keepers” but quickly corrects it to “parents”. What is she up to? She does give Mark one important point to ponder: maybe he’s afraid of being counted on, or being important to someone.

The episode ends with Heratio / Kevin, who not only has Trick’s ledger, but also the oracles’ eyes. He knows that his recent date isn’t an Oracle, but rather Bo, the unaligned Succubus. I’m not sure what he’s up to, but I get a sense that it isn’t good.

Fae-vourite Quotes:

Mark: “Hey, who called McGruff the Crime Dog.”

Vex: “Wait. Catalogue Face is your kid?”

Thoughts and Questions:

  • What is Heratio/Kevin’s connection to Elizabeth? And why is he interested in Bo? I have a theory, and it’s probably far-fetched . Could they be Bo’s half-brother and half-sister, doing their daddy’s dirty work, or perhaps preparing for daddy’s arrival? Let me know what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Lost Girl: It’s Your Lucky Fae

  1. Very well covered! Interesting thought about half siblings! Wonder though if the three dead from elevator have been embodied with Hades minions. When Bo was instructed to light the candle I still wonder if Daddy or just Stepmom or both are involved. The power held within the signatures means what to the story line? Not sure yet seemed important enough for Trick to mention.

  2. I previously said so far so good on season 5, but I think I need to amend that statement. Who cares about Dyson’s brat of a son,and why does he have free rain at the Dahl and in Trick’s home when they don’t know anything about him, other than that he is a thief. That story line at this point seems unnecessary and annoying at the least. Also Tamsin and Bo? To me, the worst couple in history. I won’t deny it, I am team Doccubus, but I would have rather seen Bo with anyone else. Maybe they will at least keep their relationship casual, but with the pillow talk in the last episode, I’m not holding out hope.

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