Lost Girl: Big in Japan

“Big in Japan” has our Lost Girl crew back to more of a “case of the week” format with some overarching threads for Bo and Lauren. It also brought all of our regular players into the storyline quite beautifully.

You Can Ring My Bell … Or Not

Bo is painting the loft with the help of a shirtless Dyson. She’s having some issues with her libido and actually gives the headache excuse when Dyson tells her to feed on him.

Over at the Dal, it’s karaoke night! An arrogant, entitled Fae by the name of Musashi is doing a bad rendition of “Ring My Bell” with two female companions. After their performance, someone tries to spike his drink with killer fish, but Musashi finds it before it can harm him.

Dyson stops by Lauren’s office to go over details of last episode’s elevator incident, which turns out to be a crash. The bodies have been taken to Lauren, and she’s discovered that three bodies have no bruises or scratches … including that of the blonde, candle-holding lady. Her name was Elizabeth Helm, and she was a junior lawyer. Lauren tells Dyson that there is unidentified Fae blood that she’s trying to identify. In addition to this mystery, Lauren is getting death threats since word spread on what she did to the Morrigan. The entire Fae world is in flux and the lines between Light and Dark are blurred. She tells Dyson that she’s used to be hunted and refuses to be scared. Dyson just wants her to be prepared for anything that may come her way.

It’s Ladies’ Night and the Feeling’s Not Right

After a failed attempt at emulating Kenzi’s culinary skills, Tamsin and Bo go out on the town instead of staying in. When the duo stops at a hot dog cart, Musashi pulls up in a fancy car and invites them out for a drink. Bo immediately says no, but Tamsin is up for some fun, and convinces Bo to go along with Musashi.

Bo and Tamsin wake up the next morning in Bo’s bed, both of them rocking a hangover. Bo tries to feed from Tamsin, but it’s just not happening. (Is there something she can take? Fae-agra, perhaps?) They soon realize they’re not alone. Musashi is sitting in a chair, playing with a knife, but Bo has a knife of her own under her pillow. He tells them there’s an assassin after him and he wants them to be his bodyguards.

They head out to a sushi restaurant that Musashi’s family owns and talk about the assassin. Tamsin recognizes the MO from her bounty hunting days, and realizes that Musashi is a legendary warrior. He is set to ascend, becoming a god and king of his ancestors. Someone wants to stop that from happening.

The fear starts to creep in for Lauren while she’s working late at the office, and she hears a noise. She grabs the closest “weapon” she can find – a broom – but it’s only a janitor.

Lauren goes to Dyson for some training; he brings her straight into the boxing ring and asks her to show him how she would defend herself. After a few flimsy attempts, Lauren’s ready to give up, but Dyson tells her that he’s trying to test her combat abilities and come up with the best plan. She’s much more receptive when he uses the word “test”!

The assassin tries to strike Musashi when he’s with Bo and Tamsin, but upon realizing who Musashi is, the assassin takes his own life, but has injured Bo along the way.

Bo heads over to Lauren for medical attention, and tells Lauren about her feeding issues. Lauren suggests that Bo feed off her but it still doesn’t work. Lauren tries reassuring Bo that it’s normal to have arousal issues, but Bo is sure there’s more to it.

Bo goes to Trick and asks if her mom ever had a “dry spell”, leading to an awkward sex talk with grandpappy. He says it could be psychological, given the year that Bo’s had. Bo considers that this may be a way to be free of her responsibilities.

I Am The Warrior

Tamsin learns that one of Musashi’s brothers, Big Taco, is likely to have hired the assassin because he’s next in line to ascend. Bo goes undercover as a masseuse and tries to question Big Taco, but Musashi’s sister, Tomoe, interrupts with a hot stone to her brother’s head. Bo realizes Tomoe is the one behind the assassin. Musashi can’t ascend because he is not the true hero, and his dishonesty with the ancestors will turn him into an akaname, or a filth-licking demon. The main problem is that Musashi has lived the lie for so long he believes it. Tomoe can’t tell Bo who the true warrior is, as it will dishonour the family. Musashi has to admit the truth himself. Bo fills Tamsin in on the truth about Musashi and they head off to take down the great one before he ascends.

Bo and Tam crash the ascension, ninja-style, when Tomoe interrupts. She’s the true warrior, and Musashi finally admits it, making Tomoe the exalted one.

Dyson continues training Lauren, teaching her how to use ninja stars. Lauren’s main obstacle is that she thinks too much. Dyson says that sometimes she needs to go with her gut. Dyson confides in Lauren that he thinks Bo blames him for stopping her from saving Kenzi at the portal. Lauren tell him that Bo blames herself, not anyone else, and in the middle of the conversation, Dyson tells her “NOW” and she sends the ninja star straight to her target.

Bo returns to the loft and is doing a self-affirmation in front of a mirror, Stuart Smalley-style, when Musashi arrives and stabs her in the stomach. She can’t heal, and can’t reach her phone. She somehow ends up at Lauren’s clinic and they stabilize her, but there’s internal damage that won’t be healed unless she feeds. While everyone tries to encourage Bo to feed, Tamsin comes in and tough loves the heck outta Bo. Bo admits that she’s scared of losing all of them like she’s lost so many others, especially Kenzi. Being chosen is too much responsibility, and she thinks she’s going to end up alone. Everyone in the room tells her that they won’t leave her and suddenly she’s back in prime Succubus form, eyes blue, and asking that everyone leave … except Dyson.

Bad Medicine

Tamsin and Lauren make small talk while Dyson helps Bo “heal” and Lauren nearly brings Tamsin to tears. Lauren says that while Tamsin is usually full of horrible surprises, sometimes she’s just “what everybody needs”.

A fully healed Bo goes to see Musashi at the sushi restaurant. Big Taco is going to make sure that Musashi atones for his sins, and Musashi asks Bo to end his life. She tells him that’s the easy way out, and he needs to learn how to live honourably.

Lauren puts her training to use when a man comes into the clinic looking for the serum and has a knife at her assistant’s throat. Lauren fills a syringe with ketamine and throws it into his neck. Booya!

The gang meets up at Bo’s place for movie night, and two main things happen: Dyson and Tamsin have a heart-to-heart where Dyson tries to convince her to give up her police job to work with Bo; and Lauren mentions to Dyson that she can’t pinpoint the Fae DNA from the elevator accident, saying it’s either something really old, or completely new.

Meanwhile, at Lauren’s office, Elizabeth Helm is awake and breaks out of her drawer. Lauren’s assistant, Lisa, picks the worst time to return to the office, and Elizabeth snaps her neck. Who/what is Elizabeth? And how is she connected to the candle, and the Fae world?

Fae-vourite Quotes:

Lauren: “I’m warning you. I’m armed. And I’m very toned.”

Tamsin: “My Kill Bill Part 1 and 2 fantasy’s coming true!”

Musashi: “I was chosen. You don’t know what that’s like.”
Bo: “Actually I do. And it’s bullshit.”

Thoughts and Questions:

  • We have a name for blonde elevator lady – Elizabeth Helm – but we still don’t know how she’s connected to that candle or the Fae world. Is the the source of the mystery Fae DNA? I have a crazy theory … maybe she’s Bo’s half-sister?

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