On the Red Carpet with Lost Girl’s Anna Silk

On the red carpet at last month’s Gemini Awards in Toronto, I spoke briefly with the star of the hit Canadian TV series Lost Girl, Anna Silk. Hot on the heels of a Season 2 pick up, she candidly shared her thoughts on why Lost Girl is a success, what attracted her to her character, Bo, and the online sensation that the series has sparked.

Congrats on season 2! I have to ask, with all of the supernatural-type shows out there at the moment, what do you think has set Lost Girl apart from the rest of the pack?

AS: I think that it’s just such a unique concept. The show is crazy and about all these creatures. There are a lot of supernatural things happening on the show, but I think what sets it apart is the relationships, the fact that Bo is involved with Dyson and with Lauren, and it’s a very complex character. It’s an interesting group of people with interesting issues. I think that’s what sets it apart and what’s resonating with viewers.

A lot of women are attracted to roles on genre TV series because of the strong characters. What was it about Bo that really caught your attention?

AS: What I love about Bo is that she’s strong, tough and really capable, but I also love that she is very vulnerable and scared a lot of the time, and has to figure out her way through that world, and figure out her way into the supernatural world when she finds out that she’s a part of it.

Were you aware of the strong fan base that’s building in the US although the show isn’t airing there at the moment?

AS: Yeah, it’s neat. There’s just such a demand for it.

Lost Girl is a popular online discussion topic, on Twitter, fan sites and blogs. What are your thoughts on the buzz that the show has generated?

AS: I love that people are discussing the show in an interesting and productive way online, talking about what they like and didn’t like, and I love that the show generates this kind of discussion.

Canadian fans can catch the Season 1 finale of Lost Girl tonight at 9pm ET on Showcase. US fans, we’ll keep you posted if we hear any news on an American network pick up.

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