Kristin Kreuk and Peter Mooney are Back in Burden of Truth Season 3

Kristin Kreuk and Peter Mooney are back on the case in Burden of Truth, returning tonight for its third season. During the CBC Winter Press Day, Kreuk and Mooney shared a bit of what’s coming up for Joanna and Billy in Season 3, including some major complications right off the bat.

Watch Burden of Truth Wednesdays on CBC and online at CBC Gem. A premiere date hasn’t been announced as of yet on The CW in the US.

Where does the story pick up at the start of Season 3?

Kristin: A year and a bit has passed since we last saw the characters. Billy and Joanna are about to go to trial on their first case as a firm and they’re nervous about it.

Peter: They shouldn’t have bet it all on this first case. They launch their own law firm and they don’t just dip their toes. If they’re going to do this, they’re going to be a big, proper, respected law firm.

Kristin: And many things hinge on that case. Luna is dealing with the fallout from last season and struggling to understand the world and gain her footing again in this new reality. And Beckbie is dealing with Mercer being released from jail early having not served nearly enough time for the horrific crime that he committed.

Is Billy having second thoughts about city life?

Peter: It’s hard on him in a way because where he’s from, he at least knows all the rules. It’s comfortable and familiar, but Millwood represents stasis. He’s not growing there, and he’s got his patterns where he can hide from things. Going back and forth from the city to Millwood and the shift that happens each time forces him to make changes, which is difficult.

I understand that the outcome of that first case rattles both of them.

Kristin: It certainly does, but it’s also compounded with another incident that happens at the same time. So the case and the failure that they have speaks to Joanna’s insecurities about her only value in the world being [success] as a lawyer. She’s a great lawyer, and if she can’t do that, then what is her place in the world? Maybe she is nothing else and not capable of being anything other than that. And it speaks to Billy’s insecurities in a different way, coming from a family that always bet on him screwing up eventually in some capacity.

Peter: Billy’s more comfortable with the screw up of it. He can recover from that because his identity isn’t as wrapped up in being a lawyer. But his insecurities are that he’s not good enough for Joanna, not a good enough lawyer and this will hurt them as partners and as “partners.”

Kristin: And there’s a secret item that is occupying a lot of Joanna’s mind, and the failure [on that first case] makes it even harder for her.

Kristin: There is so much happening this season.

Peter: Right at the beginning, Billy and Joanna are together, and it’s nice to see them a little way into their relationship. It’s a relationship that’s up and running, and under stress. It was fun to play, and I think the viewers will really like that.

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