Annie Murphy and Noah Reid Preview the Final Season of Schitt’s Creek

Annie Murphy and Noah Reid Preview the Final Season of Schitt’s Creek

Emmy-nominated comedy sensation Schitt’s Creek begins its final season tonight on CBC and Pop TV, and while fans are excited, the beginning of the end is bittersweet.

In a conversation with Annie Murphy (Alexis) and Noah Reid (Patrick) ahead of the final season, they reflected on their character journeys, teased a bit of what’s coming up in Season 6 of Schitt’s Creek, and shared some of the surreal moments the show brought to their lives.

The evolution of Alexis Rose has been one of the most satisfying character arcs to watch. What was it like for you playing that role?

Annie: Going into it, Alexis was so dependent on men and money. The money was taken away, and then she got involved with two men right out of the gate. Once those relationships dissolved in their own way and she was left to her own devices, she decided to get her high school diploma. That’s when things really started to shift, and she realized that she could depend entirely on herself. When Ted came back into the picture, it was a more stable relationship because Alexis was her own person and confident in herself.

It’s so annoying to me when actors are like, “I’m so proud of this character,” but I’m so proud of this character. I’m grateful to the writers for writing such a beautiful arc. She’s become a multi-layered human being.

Noah, you were part of one of the most romantic TV scenes of all time. What do you think it was about that scene that appealed to the romantic in everyone … and even melted the coldest hearts?

Noah: When relationships are at their best, both parties are bringing out the best qualities in the other person. This relationship has been very carefully crafted in a way but also allowed to be its own thing. Watching these two distinct energies find what it means to be together has been a lot of fun to play.

I love that in the open mic episode, the whole setup of David being terrified to be sung to. It’s the worst thing he could imagine if it’s bad, but he doesn’t know what it’d be like if it was good. Patrick is calm about it and says, “Just wait. I’m going to do something special for you and you’re going to like it,” and that’s emblematic of a really strong foundation of a relationship. When people are willing to make a gesture, put themselves out there and say, “I’m not afraid to tell you that I like you and you mean something to me.” What is effective about that moment is that it comes a bit out of nowhere, and lays the table for an open, honest, kind, loving relationship.

The show reached a point over the past couple of seasons where you couldn’t look anywhere online without seeing a Schitt’s Creek GIF or meme. Have you had any surreal experiences since the show took on a life of its own online?

Annie: I had a very surreal experience last year when I was in LA at a restaurant in West Hollywood. This guy comes over to me and he’s like, “I am so sorry. I never do this. I was in a room with Beyonce a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t go over, but I need to show you this.” He calls his boyfriend over and he’s like, “We communicate exclusively in Alexis GIFs.” He brought up their text history, and he was not bullshitting at all. It was GIFs of me for pages and pages and pages. It was very surreal.

Both Noah and I are a bit overwhelmed by all of it because it’s next level. We’re getting to go to and do all of these crazy things like going to the Emmys. It’s so strange to be in a room full of these incredible people and be included in that group. But it doesn’t prevent us from gawking and then going out to get beer and hot dogs during commercial breaks. It’s been wild, and it’s still picking up steam.

Without getting into any spoilers, what can you tease about the final season of Schitt’s Creek?

Annie: We’re really fortunate in knowing that it was going to be six seasons. Dan [Levy]’s known all along, so he and the writers were able to write a goodbye to each character and a beautiful summation of everything. It really is a beautiful season. It’s not going to be a Sopranos. It’s tied up really beautifully. There are beautiful moments, and some insane wigs and costumes. There is a lot to look forward to aesthetically and emotionally. And I’m pleased with where Alexis ends up.

Is it safe to say that this will be the series you measure all future projects against?

Annie: 100 percent.

Noah: Oh, for sure.

Annie: It’s been the best experience I’ve ever had. Oh god, it’s all downhill from here.

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