Katee Sackhoff at FanExpo 2011!

Battlestar Galactica’s toughest chick Katee Sackhoff was incredibly charming and funny during her panel at FanExpo 2011 in Toronto. Here are some highlights:

What’s the deal with Starbuck?

Katee gets asked about the ending of Battlestar Galactica A LOT … but she still has no idea who or what Starbuck was. She joked that the creators may have written themselves into a corner with Starbuck and decided to make her disappear rather than explain anything.

A fan once told her ‘maybe she’s supposed to represent life and in life you don’t always have the answers’. Katee thought, “Ooh that’s a good one” and stole it so she could use it herself.

Cylons and Secrets

From the very beginning of the show, she and Edward James Olmos were the only two actors who were promised that they would never be Cylons. While the rest of the cast was sweating over who the Final 5 would be, she was just chilling.

When Starbuck was briefly killed off, Katee was the only one who knew she would rise from the ashes. The producers swore her to secrecy and she had to suffer through emotional goodbyes from cast and crew members, knowing it was all a psych out!

Can she do impressions of the BSG cast members?

Katee is not confident in her imitation skills, but she does enjoy poking fun at Aaron Douglas and how impatient he was when it wasn’t all about the Chief.

How did she get her start?

Katee was actually an extra on the 1995 film Mr. Holland’s Opus and HATED the experience. But we may have the film’s star, Richard Dreyfuss, to thank for her stunning success because he gave her some words of wisdom that set her on the right path. She was sitting around sulking at lunch and admitted to him that she was bored out of her mind. He told her not to bother being an extra if she wanted to become an actress. So Katee got up, called her mom on a pay phone for a ride and walked right off set. Years later she actually played Richard Dreyfus’ daughter in the short-lived series The Education of Max Bickford and he did not remember meeting her.

Liquid Courage

Katee and fellow BSG alum Trisha Helfer are great friends and have been hitting the sauce together for years. Their tradition is a shot of tequila to calm the nerves before getting in front of the camera. One time when Trisha was appearing on Two and Half Men and found herself lacking her liquid courage … Katee had to race across town in a cab just to bring her a bottle of tequila.

What was it like working on 24?

What’s Next For Katee?

Her A&E pilot, Longmire, was just picked up. It’s a Western-themed drama set in Wyoming, and Katee plays a deputee. She’s really happy to be back on cable because she “doesn’t fit into a box” – and networks love boxes!

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