Eliza Dushku at FanExpo 2011!

The Eliza Dushku panel was a hot ticket at this year’s FanExpo and people started lining up hours ahead of time. It caused more than a little confusion for the poor souls who showed up to see Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden … who were on an hour and a half BEFORE Eliza.

Here are some highlights from her appearance:

Eliza has been lucky enough to work with some of the hottest producers, directors and actors. Of course she’s a card carrying member of the Whedonverse and she revealed that those in the know have a funny nickname for Joss. They call him ‘Crazy Legs’ because he likes to do a dance where his legs flop around every which way.

She’s also appeared in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back directed by Kevin Smith, who she refers to as a lovely wacko who kept calling her Eliza Duckshoot.

She got in on the ground floor of comedy superstar Zach Galifianakis’ career when he co-starred in her FOX show Tru Calling. She playfully refers to him as Zach Galifawackas and knew even back then that he would explode in a big way.

Would she ever appear in the new Buffy movie?

She doesn’t have a hate-on for it or anything, but Eliza “doesn’t trust the girl or the world without Joss behind it.”

What was it like to play multiple characters and personalities on Dollhouse?

Who would win in a fight between Echo and Faith?

Eliza isn’t sure, but thinks it would be an epic five year battle.

What is Eliza watching on TV right now?

She enjoys watching True Blood and is always amazed by how ‘out there’ it is. “I can’t believe what I’m watching!”

What’s in store for the future?

Eliza established a production company while working on Dollhouse called Boston Diva productions and she runs it with her brother.

Funniest Panel Moment:

A little girl asked Eliza who her best friend from Buffy was and she couldn’t choose, but she did mention that David Boreanaz was a goofball who ran around set and flashed everyone. Then she stopped and realized “I’m telling this to a 5-year old” so she clarified that he was “flashing them big smiles.”

Eliza’s boyfriend Rick Fox accompanied her to FanExpo and he seemed interested in the crazy crowed who showed up to see her, and even took a picture of everyone as she entered the panel.

Photo Gallery:

Photos & Videos by Jennifer Bragg – Copyright © 2011 TheTelevixen.com

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