Creator & EP Julie Plec on Season 2 of The Originals

The Originals returns tonight with its second season, and Creator/Executive Producer Julie Plec chatted with us at San Diego Comic-Con about the state of affairs in New Orleans when the story picks up. Watch the full video below, but first, here is what we learned:

  • New Orleans has been shaken to its core. The vampires have been decimated and any that survived are annexed from the city to an area across the river.
  • The story picks up four months later. Elijah is making the rules on how they need to behave after the loss of Klaus and Hayley’s baby. Klaus can’t leave the house because of tendency to fly off the handle. Hayley  has the worst postpartum depression combined with dealing with becoming a hybrid. The Originals selling their grief about the “loss” of Klaus and Hayley’s baby by remaining behind closed doors.
  • The wolves have formed an alliance with the witches. New Orleans is a better place for the humans now that the witches/wolves are in charge. There will be a lot of territorial debate over who is supposed to be where. The vampires on the weak side of the situation for the first time.
  • Davina and Mikael strike up an interesting relationship that Plec likened to Game of Thrones‘ Arya and The Hound.
  • What happened on The Vampire Diaries with the other side going away forever is final for both shows, but it allowed them to bring back Esther (in Cassie’s body) and Finn.
  • At the point of this interview, they were only five episodes in, and at that point, Esther and Mikael were not aware that the other was back. We will see their young love story this season, and what turned them into what they became.
  • One of the new characters that we’ll meet is Caleb. Plec described him as charming and obnoxious, and that he takes a liking to Davina.
  • Claire Holt departed the series during the first season, but we will see Rebekah here and there as Holt is available.


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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