Jesse L. Martin Chats about Season 1 of The Flash

The next clip in our countdown to The Flash features Jesse L. Martin, whom you will meet later as Detective Joe West. Read over the highlights from the round table interview, and watch the full video below before tonight’s series premiere!

  • Martin told us that West is the most human character in the cast.
  • Barry’s superpowers drive West nuts, especially since it puts everyone in danger.
  • West feels horrible guilt about not believing what Barry said about his mom’s death and his father’s innocence.
  • Joe never adjusts to all of the supernatural craziness going on around him.
  • Martin shared that he doesn’t want to know too much about the story in advance. He wants to learn along with the audience.
  • As crazy and dangerous as it is for Barry to take care of these villains, Joe West comes to believe that Barry’s abilities are needed to help the police with their work.


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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