Candice Patton Discusses Season 1 of The Flash

As our countdown to The Flash continues, our next video features Candice Patton, who is playing Iris West. Check out the highlights and watch the full clip below!

  • Patton told us that she’s a Batman fan and loves superhero stories.
  • Iris is extremely curious about this Red Streak tearing around Central City. She’s a journalist and very inquisitive.
  • Barry is not a great liar. Iris knows something is up with him, especially since they grew up together, but she hasn’t made the connection that he is The Flash. Patton also added that they are each other’s ‘true north’.
  • She teased that the crossover episode with Felicity is a fun one. Iris and Felicity will interact quite a bit in it. Iris really wants Barry to be happy and thinks Felicity could be that person.
  • Patton doesn’t know much about where they’re going with her character. She likes that she gets to figure things out along with the fans. Right now, she’s the ‘girl next door’ but learning about the secret Barry and her father are keeping will cause tension.
  • Iris and her dad are close. Joe West is very protective of her which causes friction. He’s worried about her being in danger because of Barry.
  • Iris has always believed Barry about what happened with his mom, and about his father’s innocence.


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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