Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti Chat about The Flash

The highly anticipated series premiere of The Flash is finally upon us, and as we count down to tonight’s debut, let’s check in with Executive Producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti. Full videos are below, but here are some highlights from each:

Andrew Kreisberg

  • Barry’s initial challenge will be “How am I supposed to do this?” He’s a normal guy that suddenly has superpowers. He won’t always come out on the winning side.
  • The beginning really is a superhero ‘coming of age’ story.
  • He likened Captain Cold coming into the story as being like the Joker to Batman or Lex Luthor to Superman. Landing Wentworth Miller for the role was a matter of perfect timing. Miller had just started looking at getting back into TV.
  • He teased that Felicity Smoak will be coming over from Arrow for the Captain Cold episode to help Barry. This is the first time Barry and his team are having conflicts. Felicity knows the team dynamic already so she’s there to help Team Flash take their next step. There is also unfinished business with Barry and Felicity.

Greg Berlanti

  • He told us that they gave Barry a team at the offset because he doesn’t have to keep his identity a secret from the people he’s working with. Part of the fun with this character is learning about his powers along with the team.
  • There’s also an emotional element since none of them necessarily signed up for this. Barry’s team went from working at the forefront of technology to working with a superhero.
  • Barry’s father’s innocence is now known by Joe, so Joe and Barry will be working together. It’s the surrogate dad helping the biological dad.
  • Berlanti mentioned that this series having a lighter tone is deliberate. Barry has a sense of humour and a sense of awe that needs to be represented. Also, The Flash is different from Arrow because Barry is not a vigilante.



Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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