Danielle Panabaker Chats about Season 1 of The Flash

Next up in our countdown to The Flash is Danielle Panabaker, aka Caitlin Snow. We have a few highlights and the full video below!

  • In the pilot, Caitlin has just lost her fiancé during the particle accelerator disaster. When Barry enters the picture, they can relate to one another and bond over losing loved ones.
  • There’s a real sadness to Caitlin when we first meet her. Episode 3 includes flashbacks where we will see how happy Caitlin was before the accident.
  • Panabaker is fairly new to the comic book world. When she did the Arrow episode, she started exploring the DC universe. In the comics, her character later becomes the villain Killer Frost, but she’s not aware of any plans to introduce that into the TV series at this point.


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014 TheTelevixen.com

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