Inside the Final Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Marketing Photo Shoot

The countdown to the final season of Sons of Anarchy is in full swing, and FX’s Vice President of Media Relations, Dominic Pagone, has shared some photos from their SOA final Season 7 marketing photo shoot. Check them out below!

9 thoughts on “Inside the Final Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Marketing Photo Shoot

    1. SOA was always supposed to be seven seasons. This is the way it was planned from the beginning and how they’ve arced the story. As much as I’ll be sad to see it go, I’d rather see it end when the creative team says so and have it go out on a high note rather than drag on unnecessarily.

  1. I need my fix. I think that Kurt can make the series last more seasons if we all sent FX a request to do so. I believe that there would and could be more drama in the club. Please dont end this great series just yet.

    1. I was so overcome with excitement because of the photos that I didn’t realize that Juice isn’t in that final shot. I guess we’ll have to wait and see when the official promo photos are released to see if he’s in them at all!

  2. Juice has had a death wish for a couple of seasons..and he’s tried to kill himself twice. I knew he was going to’s just a matter of when. I guess this season is his time.

  3. It’s sad to see soa on the last season but if they let it go any longer, jax would probably completely lose it more since his true north was killed off, Tara. She was everything to him. It wouldn’t seem right to go on after this season.

    1. Tara had already turned into Gemma 2.0..that’s why I didn’t feel too bad when Gemma jukked her ass. She screwed over Jax/Bobby/Juice/Clay AND Gemma several times. She needed to go.

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