Christmas in July: Haven’s Emily Rose on Tonight’s Holiday Episode

Tonight, Syfy gets its Christmas spirit on with holiday episodes of Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Haven. Last week, we had the chance to chat with Emily Rose about Haven‘s first Christmas episode, “Silent Night”. Here’s a bit of what she shared:

The Haven Christmas episode was not only filmed in July, but that theme is actually part of the storyline. Was it a challenge to get into the holiday spirit in the middle of summer?

Yes. We laughed because [where] we film in Chester, Nova Scotia … we were like, “We really should have filmed this [episode] first because it’s so cold there the majority of the time. It would have been nice to start out with the Christmas episode and then launch into the rest of the season. We had a very, very small, small window of warm weather, and so to be filming it in the middle of the warm weather season, even though that was still pretty cold in Nova Scotia, it was really, really funny.

It [was] fun to see the town come out and take in the Christmas decorations … we’re not there in Chester over the holidays, to sort of get a glimpse ahead of what that would be like was really, really neat, although it was totally sunny and no snow anywhere. Everybody gets in the holiday spirit when you say, “It’s Christmas.” It was great.

Since Audrey isn’t able to remember her past Christmases, does this episode have her trying to figure out what it means to her?

Yes, it’s something that launches Audrey into her journey … and is the thing for her that she has to sort of overcome. The past is something that is really hard for her to literally wrap her head around. And what she does remember, whether they’re her memories or not her memories, what she does remember isn’t exactly the most pleasant thing. So [the episode asks] how does she overcome that and deal what’s going on in the day? I think it makes for a pretty interesting episode.

You could say that Audrey has always been slightly out of sync with Haven and the people in it. Did you find parallels between your character’s experience and Christmas happening at the wrong time in this episode?

There’s a common theme with Audrey consistently feeling like an outsider, and we revisit that scene frequently in the show. It kind of has disappeared a bit in the second season as she’s belonged more in the town. But this holiday episode is definitely one that revisits that because she’s the only one that’s experiencing – or should I say, not experiencing Christmas. She’s the only one that doesn’t think that it’s happening and thinks that it’s foolish and [asks] why would it be happening in July? So again, she’s feeling on the outside and has to try to solve things and kind of get everything back on track on her own. But she’s pretty good at that.

Can’t wait for tonight? Here’s a sneak peek for you that I actually got to see back at New York Comic Con:

Be sure to watch Haven tonight at 10pm on Syfy, or for Canadian viewers, this Sunday night at 11pm on Showcase.

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