Haven: Lay Me Down

All the dreams in this week’s episode of Haven, “Lay Me Down,” may make you sleepy, but don’t drift off: something terrible might happen. Because this week’s Trouble is dream-based: any injuries a targeted person sustains in a dream happen in real life. And the targets seem random, but include both Nathan and Duke. Finally, Nathan and Audrey notice that all of the targets had recently touched a Haven Herald, and they trace it to deliverywoman Carrie Benson. Carrie knows of the dream Trouble in her family, but says this is the first time it has affected anyone else, and they realize that a recent mugging is probably what triggered her. Audrey talks Carrie through the dangerous cure, which involves lucid dreaming and facing her fears before they hurt or kill her, and it works, but this is still worrisome: Why did Carrie’s Trouble change? Will the Troubles as a whole start evolving? Audrey notices a handprint on Carrie’s back that no one else can see, and at the end of the episode, the muggers are in the woods, watching the Gull. Anyone have any theories about what’s going on?

Jennifer’s back in town – yay! I like her – and, reasonably enough, looking for a job at the Herald. Vince and Dave want to figure out how she’s connected to the barn, though Vince has a worry: “We haven’t had a Girl Friday in a long time. Hiring her now is too obvious.” Whatever that means. They give her the supposed test assignment of doing a background check on herself, and she can’t find her birth parents, which she has tried to do before. The Teagues don’t really seem to care about the results of the background check, and hire her, but they also point out that the Agent Howard who arranged her adoption was the same Agent Howard connected to Audrey and the barn. I can’t wait to see where that goes.

Now that Wade’s Trouble has been activated, he’s basically acting the way Duke has always feared he’d act – killing Troubled people for the thrill of it, and then claiming he did it for their own good, to end the Trouble in the family. Luckily, Duke figures out what’s going on and confronts Wade: “It isn’t a power. It’s a curse. This is our Trouble.” He locks his brother up, but Jennifer, who doesn’t know what’s going on, lets him out, and Wade attacks her – but Duke gets there just in time, and winds up killing his brother to save Jennifer. This, of course, ends the Trouble for Wade’s whole family – including Duke himself. He’s very upset and makes Jennifer promise not to tell anyone, so it will be interesting to see how long that lasts. People in Haven aren’t great at keeping secrets.

Nathan and Audrey spend most of the episode not exactly getting along. Nathan is unamused at the Lexie act, which seems to be slipping more and more as Audrey can’t manage to hide her detective skills. And when we see one of Nathan’s dreams when he’s affected by the Trouble, it features Audrey in a sexy schoolteacher outfit – but also real anxiety as she quizzes him on which version of her he loves. At the end of the episode, they argue, and she tells him that they’re coworkers but “We can’t be Audrey and Nathan. Not anymore.” Aww. He leaves, but immediately turns around: “I don’t care who you are or what you are. I love you.” Go Nathan! I understand why things are tense between them this season, but I like the show a whole lot better when they’re getting along, so I hope this is really a turning point.

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3 thoughts on “Haven: Lay Me Down

  1. I’m really curious about the so-called muggers, since those are the same two who showed up at Lexie’s “bar” to try and take out William before he could clue Lexie in on being Audrey.

  2. Also, if those guys are out of the barn, when will we see William again? Loved this episode! Nathan’s dream was great and his reaction to it, even better. Duke will not be able to hide the fact that he is not troubled from Audrey for too long. Also, I love the dynamic between Duke and Jennifer. The writers are getting really great at introducing characters that we (and by that, I mean me) care about from the start.

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