Greg Berlanti Discusses Arrow’s Upcoming Third Season

After what feels like an eternity, Arrow returns tonight for its third season! Get ready for tonight’s season premiere by checking out this video featuring Arrow’s Executive Producer, Greg Berlanti. The full clip from San Diego Comic-Con is below along with some Season 3 tidbits.

  • Berlanti said that a lot of this season is about characters saving their own soul or someone else’s soul.
  • Financial troubles mean a new way of life for Oliver Queen, but Berlanti told us that they’ll find “economic means from surprising places.”
  • Tension between Oliver and Felicity is coming to a head — romantic and otherwise.
  • Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) enters the picture and wants to buy Queen Consolidated for their tech department.
  • We are going to see a whole new side to Thea. Berlanti shared that her interactions with Malcolm are a blast to write, and unlike anything else on the show.
  • The “Big Bad” that Berlanti mentioned was announced later that day as Ra’s al Ghul, and Malcolm Merlyn will be a bit more of “The Devil You Know” to Oliver.
  • Berlanti teased that in the back half of the season, there is a big DC character that they’re hoping to bring in. He didn’t say if it’s a hero or a villain. (If the recently announced Supergirl series was being worked on for The CW rather than CBS, I’d almost guess that she was the character he was referring to.)


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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