Global TV’s Fall Prime Time Schedule

Now that the Shaw TV Upfront has concluded, let’s take a look at Global’s Fall Prime Time Schedule. All times are Eastern. New series are in bold.

8pm NCIS (Season 9 / Pre-release)
9pm House (Season 8 / Simulcast)
10pm Hawaii Five-0 (Season 2 / Simulcast)

8pm Glee (Season 3 / Simulcast)
9pm NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 3 / Simulcast)
10pm PARENTHOOD (Season 3 / Simulcast)

8pm Survivor: South Pacific (Season 23 / Simulcast)
9pm HARRY’S LAW (Season 2 / Simulcast)
10pm Kitchen Nightmares (Season 5 / Pre-release)

8pm The Office (Season 8 / Pre-release)
8:30pm HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN (30 mins; comedy / Simulcast)
9pm Bones (Season 7 / Simulcast)
10pm PRIME SUSPECT (1 hour; drama / Simulcast)

8pm A GIFTED MAN (1 hour; drama / Simulcast)
9pm I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER (30 mins; comedy / Post-release)
9:30pm HAPPILY DIVORCED (30 mins; comedy)
10pm RINGER (1 hour; drama)

7:30pm The Cleveland Show (Season 3 / Simulcast)
8pm The Simpsons (Season 23 / Simulcast)
8:30pm ALLEN GREGORY (30 mins; comedy / Simulcast)
9pm Family Guy (Season 10 / Simulcast)
9:30pm American Dad (Season 8 / Simulcast)
10pm The Good Wife (Season 3 / Post-release)

Midseason Additions:
Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea
The Finder
The Firm
Napoleon Dynamite
The 2-2

Bob’s Burgers
The Celebrity Apprentice

After checking out some pilots, I am super excited for Ringer, and midseason show Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea. Oh, and an item of note – both Parenthood and Harry’s Law are new to Global but not to Canadian networks – Parenthood started on CityTV and was moved to Omni TV during Season 2; the first season of Harry’s Law aired on CityTV as well.

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