Dear Sleepy Hollow

[To be read after you’ve watched the Season 3 finale of Sleepy Hollow.]

It’s not you, it’s me. Well, actually, that’s not true. It’s mostly you. I’ve loved you. I’ve defended you. I’ve stood idly by as you veered off path and away from me, and waited patiently for you to come back, and you did. So I was hopeful, and tentatively happy, and I waited again for the bestest payoff ever, and … well, you know what you did.

I was always fine with any forks in the road as long as you held onto the core ideal that Crane and Abbie were the endgame. You could throw in any assortment of ex-loves or presumed-dead spouses or loves, or alternate realms, but their bond superceded all of that. Crane and Abbie were it. That’s AND, not OR. You’ve separated them time and again, but I didn’t worry. I always knew they’d come back to each other.

Except last night you said all that hope was for naught, writing Abbie out, killing her off with yet another sacrifice, permanent this time, and then twisted the knife with the idea that her soul is still out there waiting to imbue another waiting shell of a person (or some such malarkey) with her Witnessdom.

NO. It’s not any form of Abbie if it’s not the Abbie, and it’s gross to insinuate that another character can blithely step into what she meant to Crane, and to Jenny. You might as well have just recast the role if that’s where you were going. Regardless of the interviews afterward that suggested this will enable a new creative focus, I have an inkling it had more to do with floating a less expensive budget proposal for a fourth season, but that may just be the jaded TV viewer in me talking. Either way, I’m done.

It’s a disservice, or more accurately, an insult, to the fans who spent 49 episodes with these characters, through thick and thin, to think that Sleepy Hollow can continue with just one of them at the helm.

I don’t know if you’re coming back next year for some variation of your former self,  but I won’t be back. I’m grateful for our time together, and for the wonderful gift of Tom Mison and Nikki Beharie, who created an extraordinary, believable friendship about two people who found each other across time.

Their story has concluded and you’re going somewhere I can’t follow.

Photos Courtesy of Tina Rowden/FOX

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