Slasher Unmasks The Executioner

After weeks of build-up, we got to the end of Episode 7 last night to find out who’s been wreaking havoc on Slasher, and it was delicious, and unexpected, and sort of not, if you’ve been paying attention.

It goes without saying, but just in case … SPOILERS!

Each week, we’ve ticked off various townspeople in accordance with the Seven Deadly Sins, and some had personal ramifications for Sarah; others did not. The one constant for Sarah, from her adolescence and then again now, has been Cam. Good old Cam. And in the middle of all this, he lost his wife, and in a piqué of grief and rage, leveled accusations at her that she set all of this in motion. FAKER.

All that might be true, but it’s a little pot, kettle there, friend.  I hope we get an expositional finale, because I really want to hear what the tipping point was for Sarah’s oldest, most trusted friend to go batshit off the rails and assume the mantle of The Executioner, which, we found out in the closing moments last night — he did.

Sunday in the U.S., Chiller is going to give you two opportunities to piece it all together with marathons of the first seven episodes running from NOON Eastern and then again starting at 6 pm Eastern.

I loved the reveal for a ton of reasons. First, Cam was murder-adjacent more than once, and now we know how cold that makes him, He sat with Robin in the hospital while his husband died (on a time delay hot-shot from Cam) at home, and then was right there when Robin received the sympathy flowers he sent, and he killed his wife in a terrible, horrible way and soaked in the sympathy. And last night, as the episode began, he emerged from the shadows when Sharma discovered his lair and was all Joe Cool about it. Like I said, deliciously twisty!

Granted you don’t have far to fall when a nut job wanna be religious zealot former porn star like Alan is your Dad, but there’s rebellion and then there’s going seriously off the reservation. I most especially loved that Steve Byers got to play this. I’m a fan from Alphas (note to self: go watch The Man in the High Castle) and it’s so fun to watch him play someone stoic, aloof, angry, sympathetic, righteous, and now, terrifying. When he comes home and shuts himself in his room to unfurl his latest murder keepsake from Tom, so many emotions wash over his face. He’s upset, he’s satisfied, he’s giddy, he’s reverent.

I can not wait for it all to unravel when Sarah finds out. It certainly looked like he was ready to kill her, too, until Tom intervened, but was he really? And I want to know if Vaughn was always an intended victim, and did Cam know about Ariel all that time and wait out? And how did he know all of these sordid secrets that predated him? Small towns keep secrets, sure, but Cam knew A LOT about everyone’s skeletons.

I hate to see this one end. I hope we get a second season. I’d kind of love to have this whole cast back in different roles. It works for Ryan Murphy.

Slasher airs at 9/8c on Fridays Chiller in the U.S. and at the same time (a few weeks behind) in Canada on Super Channel.

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8 thoughts on “Slasher Unmasks The Executioner

  1. Just like you, Heather, I can’t wait to find out the “hows” and “whys” that drove Cam to do what he did when Episode 8 airs. But I can’t help but think that there’s not just a “who” that we now know but a “who else”: Perhaps at least one other Waterbury resident assisted or had an influence on Cam, consciously or otherwise (that talk with his father before that final moment suggests that possibility).

  2. I loved the series and I also loved the unravel! But if I remember correctly, wasn’t cam handcuffed in Sarah’s home when Tom, her father, I believe his name was, took her and then ended up offering himself up to the Executioner? Or was that after he was uncuffed?

  3. Just started watching this on sky (UK) I’m on ep 2 and I’ve already worked out who it is!! So predictable. Glad I came on here to make sure so I don’t waste anymore time watching it x

  4. Just finished the series today. It is the best series ever made. I loved the mystery, the story, the executioner, the punishments and all those secrets from Waterbury’s past. I have to admit I never suspected in Cam. My suspect was Dylan and maybe Alan. The last episode was awesome! I loved the way Sarah chose to deal with Cam. I really loved the last scene. I was never so excited and tense in my life! For me, there will never be another series as good as this.

  5. I suspected it was cam by episode 3 and no other character appeared was able to change my mind. I loved this series. Couldn’t stop watching.

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