Coroner Preview: “Christmas Eve”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

We’re already almost to the end of Coroner‘s third season, and you’re in for a treat Wednesday night when we’re gifted with a holiday episode featuring Charlotte Sullivan, Kristopher Turner, and a second-gen Bryk in Dempsey Bryk. Written by Noel Carbone and directed by Adrienne Mitchell, the episode cements, after that previous Thanksgiving episode, that maybe Jenny should just sleep through the holidays.

Set on the titular day, the episode revolves around fractious families — the case of the week and the Cooper household. When a blood-soaked, be-robed and PJd young man (Bryk) wanders into a bumper car game room at the same time a woman (Sullivan) bearing a festive cookie tray is finding a murdered couple beside a felled Christmas tree, it doesn’t take long for the puzzle pieces to connect.


The couple are John and Ginny Browning, the young man is their son, Caleb, and Sullivan’s character, Flora, is their next door neighbor. The older son, Aaron (Turner), arrives after the fact and seems shocked by the suggestion his brother could have done anything like that, and then later, not so much.

Jenny calls in Dr. Sharma to gauge whether Caleb shares her history of trauma-induced amnesia or is just an expert at faking it. That turns out to be both a good and bad idea.


Ross is really gunning for a fourth person at the Cooper Christmas table, and when Jenny shoots down a potential invite for Liam, he looks closer to home. Two guesses whether that’s a solid line of thought from a naive but good-hearted son.

Speaking of hearts, River and Dennis hit a bump in their romance. Thankfully, because they’re adorable, it’s not insurmountable and is very sweetly resolved.


Just one more episode after this one, but I’m glad we’ve had ten this season instead of eight. And, ICYMI this morning, the series received eight Canadian Screen Award nominations, which we love!

Coroner airs Wednesdays at 8 pm (8:30 NT) on CBC and CBC Gem. Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on CBC Gem. All our previous coverage is here.

Photos Courtesy of CBC.

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