Coroner “Borders” Preview

Coroner “Borders” Preview

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Monday’s new Coroner is a timely outing that addresses two different types of refugees. It divides the action between Jenny’s investigation of an unusual auto-pedestrian fatality and Donovan tracking a 911 call about last week’s fire.

Coroner Season 2

Both cases take unexpected turns, placing Jenny and Donovan in the middle of situations where people attempting to find safer and better lives can go terribly sideways. Liam faces his own issues trying to navigate the VA while Ross accepts the fallout when his subterfuge comes to light.

Donovan’s separate arc takes us back to his stunning waterfront home (which, I think, must have a story because it’s very swank for a detective’s salary). It also allows him to drop some of his swagger. And we get to see Alison out in the field, which she has a ball with, despite the circumstances.

It’s an emotional Coroner episode, with one arc that wraps up in an infuriatingly accurate, albeit terribly sad, way, and the other that continues on.

That’s according to plan, per the season teased last week by executive producers Morwyn Brebner and Adrienne Mitchell. “Borders” was written by Motion and directed by Mitchell.

Coroner airs Mondays 9pm (9:30NT). You can catch Season 1 now, and last week’s Season 2 premiere, on CBC Gem. in case you missed anything, our series coverage is here. [Update: Season 2 premieres in the US at 9pm Wednesday, October 7th, on The CW.]

Here’s a sneak peek.

Photos Courtesy of CBC.

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