Colton Haynes Chats about Season 3 of Arrow

In our next Arrow video from San Diego Comic-Con, Colton Haynes chats about Season 3, becoming Arsenal, and Roy’s role on Team Arrow. Check out the highlights and watch the full clip below!

  • They have no clue how long the Mirakuru cure will last, so that is hanging over Roy’s head.
  • Haynes said that being a part of the team is him paying penance for his actions last season.
  • Roy is having more fun this year as he’s learning. There’s a cool relationship between Roy and Felicity, and he likened an upcoming scene to a scene in the film Bridesmaids.
  • He shared that Laurel is starting to meddle in everyone’s business. She’s not a part of Team Arrow, but starts to uncover some of their secrets
  • More characters from the DC Universe are coming in this season, including a big one that’s connected to Roy’s backstory. Haynes didn’t say who it is, but he did confirm that it’s not a relative of Roy’s.

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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