John Barrowman on Malcolm Merlyn and Season 3 of Arrow

I am proudly and unabashedly a HUGE fan of John Barrowman. Him being cast on Arrow excited me beyond belief, and being upped to a series regular for their upcoming third season was met with squeals of delight from this girl. This video right here is just one of the reasons why he is tops on my list of awesome actors. He’s not scared to let his inner fanboy out, and his enthusiasm for everything he works on is infectious, especially when he’s talking Arrow. Be sure to check out a bit of what was discussed in this round table interview from San Diego Comic-Con 2014, and watch the full video below!

  • When asked about the daddy/daughter relationship between him and Thea, a huge grin came across Barrowman’s face. He said it’s going to be an awesome, dysfunctional and shocking relationship.
  • Oliver doesn’t know that Malcolm is alive, and Barrowman shared that he, as a fan, would like to see them forced to work together against a bigger bad. (Foreshadowing perhaps?)
  • He shared that Malcolm is grasping onto Thea because she’s the only family he has left.
  • Barrowman clarified that Malcolm wasn’t actually. His time on Nanda Parbat allowed him to learn some rejuvenating qualities. When asked if he thought that could work on Tommy, he was excited by that prospect.
  • Although Malcolm hasn’t been around, he’s been watching from the sidelines and knows what’s happening.
  • Regarding this season’s “Big Bad” (later revealed to be Ra’s al Ghul), he said that any fear motivates and thrills Malcolm Merlyn, and there will be great risk in dealing with this foe.


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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