Caught Preview: “Just Trust Me”

The various plot threads converge in Mexico in “Just Trust Me,” the third episode of CBC’s limited series, Caught.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]


In the wake of Jennifer’s devastating reveal about her daughter’s paternity, David is emotionally raw (as Allan Hawco plays most of the hour on the edge of tears) and more motivated more than ever to end Hearn. With a combination of luck, timing, and common goals, he makes another deal and heads to Mexico.


Roy and KC make deals of their own that send them south behind him. Even before his new guests arrive to further test him, Hearn is at the end of his tether, suspicious of Ada’s maneuvering and fed up with Cyril’s spiral.


The episode marks the return of Roger Cross (Dark Matter), Billy MacLellan (Bellevue), and Mike Dopud (Power) from the premiere, and gives us a flashback to the exact moment everything went sideways for David.

There are a couple of other reveals threaded throughout that should play out over the remaining two episodes that follow this one. It’s good progress to have all the players in one place now. Let the games begin.


Caught airs Mondays at 9pm ET/PT on CBC. If you missed an episode, they’re online at CBC and on the CBC App. Here’s a sneak peek of “Just Trust Me.”

Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC

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