Catching Up on Gracepoint

Last week, in Episode 3 of Gracepoint, Mark Solano was caught in a lie about being out at the cottage the night Tommy was killed, and it was down to Chloe to clear her dad by revealing what she knew — that he and Gemma had been involved. She calls Gemma to go tell Ellie and Carver the truth, and she does. Neither Chloe nor Mark tell Beth the truth, but when Beth asks Mark point-blank if he killed their son, he storms out and she follows. And he runs right to Gemma. They kiss, and then Gemma tells him to go home.

Renee chats with Carver about the previous case that brought them together, and she has a weird conversation with Chloe where she returns Tommy’s stuffed animal to her and puts her number in Chloe’s phone. I’d be checking that stuffed animal for a camera.

We also find out that Chloe got the cocaine from her boyfriend because Gemma had been asked for it by a guest. Then the guest checked out before it arrived. Why nobody bothered to just flush it is never discussed.

Carver is visited by either a therapist or doctor colleague–it’s unclear–who pretty much tells him he’s on borrowed time and a ticking time bomb if he doesn’t take care of some nebulous health issue.

The medium reaches out to Beth and tells her Tommy is OK and doesn’t want her to look for his killer because it’s somebody he knew, and she’ll be upset.

Ellie’s son is interviewed by Carver and is less than truthful about what he knows, based on him suspiciously clearing out his phone log.

There’s still a mystery around the $500 in Tommy’s room and the man Tommy was talking to on the cliffs. We also spy that the woman in the trailer park has Tommy’s missing skateboard. The episode wrapped with the ME discovering a phone number on a slip of paper inside the lining of Tommy’s jacket.

This week, we find out the phone number and the man on the cliff are tied together. We also get a little more backstory on Chloe’s boyfriend, Dean, who apparently was privy to a side of Tommy nobody else knew.

Other things to look for in the episode:

  • Paul has a strong reaction to what the medium has told Beth.
  • Carver retaliates somewhat when Beth accuses the police of withholding information.
  • Ellie really needs to keep an eye on her son.
  • Renee gets closer to Owen, who’s having issues with his mom.
  • Ellie’s husband is the voice of reason about Carver’s animosity.

I am still completely digging the vibe of this show, and I love the framing that each week, we learn a little more, but we don’t know wholly whether to trust it. It’s an intricately built mystery that they’re slowly dismantling the pieces of episode by episode. As long as we reach an actual resolution with a who and a why and a how, I’m good. The journey so far has me has hooked.

Here are a couple of sneak peeks for tonight’s new episode (and yay that it’s not bumped for the World Series!).



Photo and Video Courtesy of FOX.

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