Captain Jack’s Sins Will Continue to Haunt Him

Wherever Captain Jack Harkness travels through time and space, he leaves an impression … and it’s not always a favourable one. I had the chance to ask Russell T. Davies and John Barrowman about Captain Jacks sins, or missteps if you will, and if they’ll continue to come back to haunt him in Miracle Day.

Here’s what Davies had to share:

“I think you might have hit upon a theme there. I think the most fascinating thing about Jack is that he’s lived for thousands of years both in the future and the past. So it’s such a gift to a writer, and I mean to the whole writing team, that you sit people in a room and they always gravitate towards that because it’s fascinating. We’ve done that in the past and taken Jack into some very dark places. We certainly do that this time and oh my god there is some shocking stuff to come. And it’s absolutely vital to the story so yes, without giving away too much, there is some good stuff,

Barrowman added:

“I love playing those kinds of stories, and it allows me to kind of alter Jack a little bit and look into how he has become the man who he is now. You know, when we’re watching him at that moment in time on screen, and to go back into the history – because I am also a fan of the genre myself – I enjoy that in-depth look into the characters, whether it be just with Jack or whether it’s looking into more about Gwen Cooper, or when hopefully we look into stuff about with Rex. It’s exciting as the actor to play those [roles] so I’m always up for [what] I call it – time travel through past history.

The first episode of the season seemed to imply that humanity being struck with immortality and Captain Jack suddenly becoming mortal are connected in some way, and it’s going to be a wondrous journey discovering what caused this event. Tune into Torchwood: Miracle Day Friday nights on Starz in the US, and Saturday nights on SPACE in Canada to see how it all unfolds.

Photo Courtesy of Starz

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