The Ladies of Torchwood: Kicking A, Not T & A!

Torchwood: Miracle Day is off to an amazing start, and the ladies of Torchwood are front and centre in the fight against the newest threat to humanity – inexplicable immortality. During a recent press call, Eve Myles and Alexa Havins discussed their characters kicking ass over being just another pretty face.

Myles shared, “To be able to play somebody like Gwen Cooper is a dream come true for an actor. I mean it’s just she’s an absolute powerhouse but she’s also a very kind of ordinary girl stuck in this beautiful, extraordinary world and situation. It’s how she deals with things and her challenges, which is so watchable and great for me to play.

“For me, it’s very rare that females are written with strength,” added Havins. “I always feel like it’s either like the piece of arm candy, or in comedy you’re setting up a joke so the guy gets a big laugh and you’re the straight shooter. In a way, it gets a little tedious and boring from our end, so it was so refreshing for me to just have a character that was so thought out and fleshed out. Russell knew what he wanted and the females are as strong as the males.”

Myles chimed in, “Absolutely. We’re not the tits and ass. We actually get to kick ass like everybody else,” to which Havins responded, “Exactly. And that’s refreshing for us on our end … and to be the girl to walk in and give breath to Esther, it’s been an honor.”

The second episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, “Rendition”, airs tonight in the US on Starz, and tomorrow night in Canada on SPACE.

Photo Courtesy of Starz

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