Blood and Oil: The Art of the Deal

So, in all likelihood, this is the last thing I’m going to write about Blood and Oil, but never say never. TV is a tricky thing.

In the next-to-last episode of the season, we pick up with a hospitalized Jules, who tears into both Wick and Hap and wipes out all the secrets and lies shenanigans and pronounces herself A-OK. And she is, even bolstering a bewildered Cody, who doesn’t know what to think when she finds Emma fetching a beer for her husband in her kitchen.

She also gets the straight scoop from Gary, who then conveniently dies before she can have him repeat it to Billy.

Hap decides to play Lacey against Wick, and then all of the past and present Briggs, and Briggs-adjacents convene to bargain with the reservation chief about being the sole outfit allowed to tap the mammoth reserve underneath her land. The Chief begs off hearing them out until her son can weigh in.

Of course because the episode proceeds in a glacial fashion, we at home are ahead of the folks at the table in the backroom of the bar in realizing that Cody’s new confidante, the doctor she met cute at the hospital when he inadvertently chewed on because he mistook her for a nurse, is that very same son.

Billy’s in a pickle because he just kissed Emma, which Alex and Cody witnessed, but they don’t know that.

Wick bails out of his Feeb situation, but Carla decides to get in bed with Annie, sharing the geologic survey with her in exchange for having her charges dropped, which of course raises all sorts of flags for Hap when his trove of lawyers couldn’t get her out of jail. Sidebar observation: I did cackle that every time somebody came to see Carla, she was still in her party dress, and then she sauntered home in a completely different outfit.

And Jules is knocked up, but by who? Which is essentially the gross thing I said I didn’t want. Oh, SHOW.

That’s a whole lot of spin for one episode left.

I was pretty done with Revenge by the time it wrapped, but I still enjoy a popcorn soap on Sunday nights, and Blood and Oil fit the bill. I don’t feel like I wasted my time watching it because it was as advertised.

I hope for all involved that they get to come back if they want, or that they jump to something else quickly. I don’t wish unemployment on anyone.

The Blood and Oil finale (series/season, take your pick — ABC isn’t calling it series) airs Sunday at 9 pm e/8 c on ABC in the U.S. and 9 pm e/p on CTV in Canada. Thank you for reading!

Here is a sneak peek.

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