Jeffrey Dean Morgan Drops A Walking Dead Hint

Jeffrey Dean Morgan appeared on The Talk today and The Walking Dead superfan Aisha Tyler asked him about Negan, the iconic villain he’s playing on the series in 2016.

Morgan shared that he said yes to the role of Negan “almost immediately.” When he got the call, they were very secretive and didn’t tell him what the role was. All they told him is that it was a “big bad” and he knew it was Negan.

Tyler followed up and asked Morgan if he’s met “Lucille” yet. Fans of The Walking Dead books know who Lucille is. And from the look on Morgan’s face, it’s safe to assume he’s made her acquaintance!

The Talk is on location in New York City this week, where Morgan’s other series, The Good Wife, films.

We have a while to wait until The Walking Dead returns in 2016, but this clip is the perfect little treat to keep us excited while we wait!

Watch the full clip here:

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