Being Leo – An Q&A with Being Erica’s Devon Bostick

Without a doubt, one of the most important figures in Erica Strange’s life is her deceased older brother, Leo. We don’t get to see him often, but when he does make an appearance, it definitely leaves an impact, and the Season 3 episode “Two Wrongs” is definitely on the list of memorable Leo appearances. I had the chance to catch up with Devon Bostick for a brief chat, and he shared some thoughts on portraying Leo. A friendly warning – there is a spoiler at the end for those of you who haven’t seen all of Season 3 yet.

What is it like to play such an important character on the show yet not be involved in every episode?

It’s really interesting because in the pilot, I did one scene – it was like 5 seconds long – but it tested so well and the character is so beloved by Erica that the impact of every single thing he does is emotional or funny or just heartbreaking, even if it’s a happy thing. It’s cool, because my presence is there even though I’m not – and I wish I could be doing more episodes – it’s cool that Leo just sort of plays through Erica because it’s a big burden that she went through.

In “Two Wrongs”, the scenes with Leo and Erica that involved bullying at Leo’s frat house were so strong. Any thoughts on the show addressing that subject matter in the current climate where bullying is a huge issue?

The scene really pushed boundaries, and I definitely had to double read the script before doing it. It’s true, that sort of stuff happens and it’s never discussed, and to put it on television is a huge thing. It was very powerful.

Will we see Leo again in Season 3?

Yes I will, in the season finale. I’ll be back for the most amazing episode that Being Erica fans have ever seen. No joke. We shot it on a weekend because there was an impossible issue … I was in Vancouver doing other stuff. It was so amazing. We all got together on a Saturday and filmed. I can definitely say that tables will be turned.

Being Erica fans in the US can catch Season 3 on Wednesday nights at 11pm on SOAPnet.

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