Beauty and the Beast: Insatiable and Partners in Crime

We’re mid spring hiatus on Beauty and the Beast so let’s catch up on where we left off. But first—good news on the potential renewal front. Following double runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, (but not tonight), Zap2It’s Cancellation Bear said today he thinks we’re more likely than ever to get a second season. Click here for a more detailed analysis of how and why.

In “Insatiable,” Cat and Vincent are together and stupid and cute about it until they realize that Vincent’s status as public enemy #1 is a huge problem. So, as you do, they decide to fake his death and get the hell out of dodge. Unfortunately, Cat makes a heads up call to the wrong person and the police arrive before they can set the plan completely in motion.

Cat and JT do what they can to plant appropriate evidence and then another victim turns up, so they realize there’s somebody working against them in a big way. We learn it’s the new DA, but we don’t know why, yet. Cat keeps lying to Tess and eventually that catches up to her as Tess, on a hunch, scours the tunnels and finds and shoots Vincent. A distraught Cat then has to tell her everything.

When we pick up in “Partners in Crime,” Cat’s made her case and Tess is big fat don’t care until JT shoots her with a tranquilizer. Cat leaves her with Vincent and JT on watch tries to damage control while the DA is a big enough thorn looking for Tess that she can’t really get all her ducks in a row. Meanwhile, JT leaves Vincent on his own with Tess and tries to get in Evan’s good graces. Instead, he steps in it when he realizes Evan’s whole DNA mandate has been because he has feelings for Cat. Then JT hilariously tries and fails to convince Evan that’s a bad idea.

Down in the tunnels, Tess wakes up and has a stilted chat with Vincent where he tries to convince he’s not a bad guy and he makes the case that he’s done all he could to deter Cat but at the end of the day they love each other. Tess still doesn’t care. She gets away and then Vincent catches up to her and returns her gun and lets her go.

Cat finds her and they have a BFF blowout where her ultimatum that Cat has to turn in Vincent or else falls on deaf ears. Then Tess calls the DA’s goons to help her bring in Vincent and finds herself on the run from them as they’re revealed to be the bad guys. Lucky for her, Cat aad Vincent rescue her and then the DA is left to wonder where his guys ended up. He gets a version of the story from Joe that leads him into the tunnels and he finds Vincent’s claw marks so he realizes Vincent is still out there but we don’t know yet what his agenda is.

Tess and Cat reconcile over booze, true love, and BFFdom. And Cat tells Vincent that they’re partners in all this and the only option not ever available to him is to cut and run on her. They stand on her fire escape and kiss to seal the deal, unaware that Evan (who’s now properly in bed with Muirfield) has appeared in the street below. They say their goodbyes and Vincent bails off the fire escape down to the roof of a truck below and then the street as Evan watches dumbstruck (and Vincent’s super senses fail to detect him).

So we have a few big bads, one more person in the loop on Vincent, another potential love triangle, and 5 episodes left.

I still really like the show, but I feel like they’re trying to throw too many things in the air at once. I’d have been OK if we took a little time to have Vincent and Cat work on being together without being on the run. I’m OK with Tess being looped—and I’m glad we got confirmation that Cat is fully aware of her affair with Joe. I do kind of wish they’d settle on one thing for Evan. We thought he was crushy in the fall and then they tabled it so it doesn’t feel wholly genuine to come back around to it now. I can understand trying to get all the stories out if they were going to be one-and-done. Since that looks less likely (again, yay!), we can slow down a scoche.

Beauty and the Beast returns Thursday April 18th with another “Vincent in peril” episode, “Heart of Darkness.” Here’s a sneak peek:

Photo courtesy of: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

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