Beauty and the Beast: Date Night

It’s Beauty and the Beast season finale time and we’re up to a CW finale not named “Sacrifice.” Yay!

We go into the finale with Gabe potentially more dangerous than he’s let on, and Joe telling Tess he loves her, which frankly makes me nervous for her (or his) safety). But first, let’s take a look at “Date Night,” which was kind of sweet and idyllic and opened the door for Vincent to be stupid but thankfully slammed it shut.

In the wake of his assassination attempt, Gabe is on lockdown in a very swanky hotel and Cat and Tess are doing security. Gabe sends Tess for coffee and has a heart to heart with Cat where he shows her his yellow eyes and explains that he controls it with meds, but lately they’re timing out. Cat reacts by holding a gun on him until she’s sure she’s safe. He tells her he wants to meet Vincent and she plays stupid for a while until he proposes a quid pro quo.

Cat mulls that and asks Vincent to come and as they head upstairs, another assassin makes a run at Gabe, who’s monstered out enough to kill him and then bolt from a penthouse window. Vincent goes and gets the tranq gun from JT and that bites JT later when Gabe shows up at their place looking for Vincent.  After a stop by a suspect’s garage where Vincent has to kill a goon and Cat hands another his ass,  they round back to the speakeasy/apartment in time to drop Gabe before he can kill JT. When Gabe comes to, he says he has no memory of his transformations.

He apologizes to JT and then tells them more of the story–that the pills have kept him in check but he’d rather be Vincent, who can control when he changes. He also reveals he’s a Gen 1 whereas Vincent is Gen 2. He asks for a sample of Vincent’s blood in exchange for sharing his pills and Vincent agrees, after a little coaxing from Cat that he should at least try. Cat gets herself checked on that when JT tells her it took a decade for Vincent to be OK with who he is now and to settle on never having a cure and she’s essentially mucked that up by bringing Gabe into the mix.

Vincent is still game to give it a go and Gabe’s pill buys him an idyllic “what if” day with Cat where they can play in the hotel pool and not worry about him being set off. That is until JT calls her to warn her the pills would be fatal within a few years. She tells Vincent and he agrees not to take anymore, but then he does, and that thankfully has immediate repercussions when the goons from the garage break into Cat’s apartment and he can’t transform to fight them off.

He and Cat do finally get the upper hand the old-fashioned way and then he has to cop to what he did. She tells him OK, but they were allowed to have a fantasy day but now they’re back to their normal, and she’s OK to continue as they have been because that means she gets forever vs. a few years.

Gabe meets with his girlfriend, who confirms that Vincent is a match for whatever they want to do but the downside is Vincent won’t survive whatever that is, a fact that Gabe is A-OK with. Back at the precinct, Joe signs out the assassin’s body to the same Feeb/Muirfield guy he  dealt with earlier, so that will surely come back around. He also finally tells Tess he’s in love with her after she calls him out on being a shit to mask their affair.

And that leads us to tonight. I’m sure we’re getting a cliffhanger, but at least we’re back next year.  I was glad we put a fork in an alt-verse for Vincent and Cat and that they’ve agreed to settle into whatever they have and make it work. I liked, too, that JT called out Cat on threatening the balance Vincent worked so hard to achieve, which he’s been there for all along.

P.S. Now that we’re seeing more of their new place, it looks like it’s a former bar. As Vincent mounted a flat screen TV, I started to question where he’s still getting his money. Have we talked about that and I missed it?

Here’s a sneak peek of “Never Turn Back,” which airs tonight at 9/8c.

Photo courtesy of Sven Frenzel/The CW

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