Beauty and the Beast: Cold Turkey

In honor of Valentine’s Day, it looks like we might finally get our kiss, but I also firmly believe the CW promo people like to screw with us and the near-kiss in the promo could be for an episode weeks from now, or an outtake. We shall see.

So, last week, I think we had it confirmed that our writers are bi-polar, because out of nowhere, Cat was suddenly discussing Vincent with Heather and Tess like it had always been out in the open. Which, unless, I’ve been watching a different show, it hadn’t at all. But there it was.

So that was happening and then Alex creepily comes to see Cat to ask if she can take Vincent away for a romantic weekend, which isn’t awkward at all. And then, even more awkward, Vincent comes to do the same thing. Once at work, Cat, in a moment of weakness, picks Alex’s apartment to raid on the drug thefts and then has to scrub all evidence of Vincent from her place. In doing so, she finds a bug that screams Muirfield, which sends her off into even more, more awkward when she has to (but not really, if she’s truly gone off him cold turkey) go find the cabin and make sure they’re OK.

Meanwhile, Vincent’s trying really hard to confess to Alex but she is so blissed out she can’t hear it. They’re interrupted by a supposedly stranded driver, whom Vincent immediately IDs as a setup so he goes off with the guy and leaves Alex alone. Pretty soon, Cat shows up and Alex asks her point blank if there’s something with her and Vincent and Cat doesn’t say no, but leaves her with a gun and goes after him.

Vincent drives the motorist back to where his truck is supposed to be and then confronts him and gets the info that three Muirfield agents are waiting for him in the woods. He sends the guy on his way and Cat arrives and they have a hilarious whisper fight behind a tree that’s audible to everyone before a flash canister knocks them on their asses. When Cat come to, Vincent has turned and is taking the guys down. The smoke clears, and there stands a freaked out Alex. Vincent, back to normal, tries to talk to her and she screams for him not to come near her. He leaves and Cat tries to talk her down but she’s past the point of reason about it.

Back in town, T.J. tells Evan a version of the truth about Muirfield and Evan thinks he’s crazy. Then T.J. unloads everything he discovered about Evan having a patient die and fleeing England even though he wasn’t prosecuted. Evan is rightly pissed off, but T.J.’s message gets through and when he finds that his office was bugged, he calls T.J. to apologize and asks him back on the research. To T.J.’s credit, as far as we can tell, he hasn’t shared what he knows about Evan with Vincent or Cat.

At the end of the episode, Cat rallies to support Tess, who’s apparently going down the road with the married Joe and that’s going badly. Vincent comes to talk to her and she’s cool with him when he tells her he knows he screwed up. She calls him out that if Alex hadn’t fled, he’d be with her instead. He stammers around apologizing for not realizing that Cat was the most honest choice because she knows him and accepts him—all of him. Cat says she won’t be sloppy seconds and Vincent vows to prove to her that she isn’t.

So we’re doing that stupid geometry thing again of loving each other out of synch because of a third party. I hate that.

But, we have ten episodes left this season, so even though it looks like they’ll be on the same page tonight, and that Alex may be going dark side to drive them closer together, I’m sure it’ll all get turned over again (and again). I just hope we’re more consistent going forward. I get that shows find their footing in the first season, but the first scene with Cat and the girls needed some sort of prefacing statement that this was new—that she’d been keeping it secret. I’d love to know if that initial scene was a minute longer and cut for time.

Here’s a sneak peek of “Trust No One,” which airs tonight at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT on The CW and 9 pm ET/6 pm PT on Showcase.

Photo courtesy of Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

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