Anne with an E Season 2, Episode 8 Preview: Struggling Against the Perception of Facts

It’s Sunday, and that means a new episode of Anne with an E on CBC. Here’s a sneak peek at Season 2, Episode 8, “Struggling Against the Perception of Facts.”

“I’m not going to give myself over to someone and be a pretty-ish piece of property without a voice or ambition.” – Anne

The girls are excited for Prissy’s wedding, but both the bride and the groom, Mr. Phillips, seem to have some reservations. A confrontation with Cole suggests that Mr. Phillips in holding a secret. Is marrying Prissy a way of avoiding some truth about himself? Prissy is also starting to question accepting the proposal because it means sacrificing the future she envisioned for herself.
Anne declares that she doesn’t wish to have a traditional trousseau, and instead would like to enter a marriage with great literature and objects that are meaningful to her. She has some very strong ideas about what a marriage should be, and even defines it in conversations with Cole and Matthew.

“Sometimes I find bigotry very inconvenient” – Bash

Bash finds Avonlea is not a welcoming place, especially when he needs medical help. Gilbert takes him to a doctor in Charlottetown, where Bash learns of a place called “The Bog,” where he meets someone who captivates him.

“There’s still some fight in these old girls yet.” – Rachel Lynde

Marilla and Rachel head to Charlottetown where Marilla is scheduled to see an oculist for her headaches and vision problems. On the train ride, they run into Bash and Gilbert, and take a stand in the face of injustice.

While in Charlottetown, the ladies show a bit of daring, including some flirting from Rachel.

This episode is filled with excellent moments, and includes — in my opinion — one of the most beautifully shot scenes to date.

Here’s a preview of “Struggling Against the Perception of Facts.” Watch Anne with an E, tonight at 7/7:30NT on CBC.

Photo and Video Courtesy of CBC.

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