Anne with an E Season 2, Episode 7 Preview: Memory Has as Many Moods as the Temper

Here is your preview of Anne with an E Season 2, Episode 7, “Memory Has as Many Moods as the Temper.” You can catch its Canadian premiere tonight on CBC.

“Isn’t it the point of life to seek what excites you?” – Anne

Anne is invited to Aunt Josephine’s for a party, but Marilla thinks Anne is too young for a society soiree. Anne persists, and comes up with an elaborate plan so she, Diana and Cole can attend.

Marilla, meanwhile, has not been well and only Matthew knows of her illness. She defers to Matthew to decide whether or not Anne should go to Charlottetown, and he says yes. He thinks it might be good for Marilla to rest while Anne is away. Marilla fears that she will not improve. While her health wasn’t as important to her in the past, it is now that Anne is part of the family.

“You need not be anyone except simply yourself.” – Aunt Josephine

The trio of friends arrives in Charlottetown the day before the party, and Anne is nervous. When she seeks advice from Aunt Josephine on party etiquette, Anne is tasked with fulfilling an important role at the party — a role that was once held by Aunt Josephine’s late partner, Gertrude.

Anne with an E Gilbert Blythe

“It feels good to know what I want.” – Gilbert Blythe

Back in Avonlea, Gilbert is back at school and focused on becoming a doctor. He asks Mr. Phillips for extra help, but the teacher is far too fixated on Prissy Andrews to oblige.

This is a truly beautiful episode, and I would have loved to be at Aunt Josephine’s party. We see more of Marilla and Matthew’s past, and discover more about their mother and late brother. And while Anne and Cole find themselves fitting right into Aunt Josephine’s world, Diana has trouble grasping what she’s learned about her aunt.

Here’s a sneak peek of “Memory Has as Many Moods as the Temper.” Watch Anne with an E, tonight at 7/7:30NT on CBC.

Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC.

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