Andrew Airlie Talks The Romeo Section Season 2 + Preview

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

This week on The Romeo Section, Wolfgang and Norman continue their investigation while Wolfgang sorts out the after-effects of hus mystery mugging. When I visited the set last week, I chatted with Andrew Airlie about Wolfgang and Norman’s camaraderie, and working so closely with Brian Markinson which, surprisingly is a first for the pair.

“We’ve been in the same project but we’ve never had scenes [together]. He was in Shooter, I was in Shooter… I can’t say enough [about him]. I’m so thrilled,” says Airlie. “Let’s hope [he’s back next year].”

“In Chris [Haddock]‘s enigmatic way, pretty early on, we drop the seeds of how far back they go. You will see that they did wetwork in the field together, probably 20+ years ago. They’re on good terms. Wolfgang voluntarily left the service to move into academia but also keep his options open with contract work. Norman stayed in but has his personal demons, and all of those led him to where he is now, on the outside looking in.”

“He’s in the service, but he’s on the fringe. They’re giving him the least important work they can. When I come to him, it’s a real shot in the arm, and someone’s putting [him] back in the game. It’s handled and crafted very well by Chris and Jesse [McKeown] so that you hear it in conversation and hopefully the chemistry between us allows people to get that these guys have had a long relationship.”

Another ally this season is Harry, played by Jorge Montesi, who pulls Wolfgang into the investigation. “Primarily [this season], Wolfgang’s focus and storyline will be investigating this shady terrorist incident. We’re not spending a great deal of time in the classroom,” he explains. “He’s out of the classroom and he’s got a big task on his plate.”

“Jorge Montesi has been a joy. I’ve really enjoyed my scenes with him. He has a such a presence. [His character] was always that little bit ahead of Wolfgang but he’s done the same thing, going in and out of the service.”

Airlie looks back on the first season warmly, and particularly loved the moments where Wolfgang got a little dark. “For me, the whole journey was just a joy. My favorite moments were at the beginning and the end. At the end of the premiere, when [Wolfgang] is walking Rufus off the pier and calming him down. All credit to Steve Surjik, who directed that episode,” he says.

“There was a darkness there in suggesting that he’ll kill her husband. And in episode 10, when he’s in the interrogation room, when he beats Rufus. How dark the two of them got in the scene. It’s unexpected and it shows a darker side of Wolf that I’m perfectly happy to explore.”

Airlie found a new wave of fans last year when Fifty Shades of Grey hit theatres, and he’ll be back in the second and third films, which shot this spring into summer. “We came back in February and shot through end of June. They did two and three back to back, intermingled, actually,” he says.

The next two films were helmed by Hollywood director James Foley, whom Airlie worked with two decades ago on Fear. “He has a sterling reputation. He’s an actor’s director, he’s an everyone’s director. Erika [E.L. James] is fantastic,” he shares. “For me, it was like coming back to school. It was all your old friends. Jamie [Dornan] is just top drawer. It was a lovely, lovely working experience. It’s fun to work on a big production. Everything is done to terrific standards. I loved my time on in it.”

In tonight’s episode of The Romeo Section:

  • Da Vinci‘s alum Hrothgar Mathews, who played Charlie Klotchko, Markinson’s character’s right-hand man on Inquest and City Hall, guests as the security guard from the ball park.
  • Rufus formally takes the reins on Bennie’s operation and finds that not everyone is willing to just roll with the management change.
  • Fergie (Ian Tracey) intersects with Wolfgang and Norman and realizes he’s back in Rufus’s orbit.
  • Mei Mei exercises her spousal privilege to know more about the business.
  • Tony orchestrates a little quid pro quo to buy him some time between cash flows.
  • Lily gets her first taste of cloak and dagger.

The Romeo Section airs Wednesdays at 9:00/9:30 NT on CBC. Here’s a sneak peek:


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