Get Ready for Anne with An E Season 3 with Amybeth McNulty and Kiawenti:io Tarbell

Pour a glass of raspberry cordial and get ready to return to Avonlea because Anne with an E is back on CBC!

Last week, I sat down with Canadian Screen Award winner Amybeth McNulty and newcomer Kiawenti:io Tarbell to chat about what’s coming up in Season 3. Here is what they shared about the friendship between their characters, and Anne’s upcoming journey.

Ka'kwet Anne with An E Kiawenti:io Tarbell

Kiawenti:io, what was it like for you stepping into this world, and what’s in store for the relationship between Anne and Ka’kwet?

Kiawenti:io: Stepping into this world was mind blowing. This was my first acting experience, so I really didn’t know what to expect. [Everyone] has been so nice and welcoming. This is a great first impression of the acting world, and it’s going to be hard to pass these standards.

Amybeth McNulty: It’s an incredible experience for Anne, and she learns so much in a short time just from being introduced to [Ka’kwet’s] community. It’s eye-opening for Anne, but also for Matthew and Marilla. They learn over time — and it’s a slow development — that the Mi’kmaq are just humans. It was the same with Bash last season.

Did your castmates tell you how passionate their fans are?

Kiawenti:io: I was told that in the beginning, and I’m starting to find out as the trailers are coming out.

Amybeth: You’ve been getting fan art.

Kiawenti:io: They turned us into Disney princesses.

Anne Shirley Season 3 Amybeth McNulty

In Season 2, Anne gained a confidence in who she is and her place in Avonlea, but she’s on a journey in Season 3 to find something that she’s still missing. What can you share about that?

Amybeth: Anne is becoming much more comfortable in herself and feeling more empowered. She’s comfortable in her family and her community, and they’ve accepted her. But she’s looking for more. She’s looking for what she was before Avonlea. She doesn’t know anything. She feels very fragile and almost alone in a way because nobody knows anything about that part of her life. It’s such an incredible journey that she goes on, and she shares a part of that with Cole (Cory Gruter-Andrew) who is returning this season. You see the support that Cole gives [Anne] and how solid their bond is.

Do you have any final teases for the upcoming season?

Amybeth: I’m excited for viewers to meet Ka’kwet and to see our relationship on the show, which is really important. And to see how everyone’s grown, too. The kids are so tall and the boys’ voices are so deep, and everyone’s so hormonal.

Kiawenti:io, are you ready for the world to meet you?

Kiawenti:io: I will be. There’s no stopping it. I’m really excited.

Watch the Season 3 premiere of Anne with an E tonight at 8pm/8:30NT on CBC, and streaming on CBC Gem.

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