666 Park’s Demonic Duo: Vanessa Williams

One of the new series I’ve been most excited about this fall is 666 Park Avenue. Another page to small screen adaptation – although this is very, very different from the book it derives its name from – the idea of a young, wide-eyed couple being seduced by the dark side against the backdrop of New York City and a magnificent, historic building had me intrigued from day one.

While at San Diego Comic-Con, I took part in the press round tables with the stars of 666 Park, and I was drawn in even more after that. Here’s the first of my clips, featuring Vanessa Williams, who plays Olivia Doran, one half of the demonic power duo on the series. (Sidenote: 13-year-old me could barely believe I was sitting next to the woman behind “Save the Best for Last”, a cassette single that I played to death during a brief angsty/melodramatic adolescent time in my life!) She talked about what attracted her to this role, but also likened the Dorans to the Madoffs, which I thought was a great analogy. Watch the full clip below, and then tune in to the series premiere tonight at 10/9c on ABC (10 ET/PT on CityTV in Canada).

I’ll have a clip featuring Terry O’Quinn, the other half of the demonic duo, later today!

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte, Copyright © 2012 TheTelevixen.com

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