666 Park’s Demonic Duo: Terry O’Quinn

We’ve already met Vanessa Williams, who plays Olivia, one half of The Drake’s power couple, on 666 Park Avenue. Now it’s time to introduce you to her hellacious hubby, Gavin, or rather the amazingly talented man who’s been cast in the role, Terry O’Quinn. This was another one of those surreal moments for me at San Diego Comic-Con, given how much I loved LOST and how life altering that series was for me and inspiring my entrée into TV blogging.

He chats about some of the projects he worked on between LOST and landing this role, which he described as a character who, as he knew it at that time, was “strictly horrible”. He also shared how much he enjoys working with this cast and how passionate he is about his work. There’s no doubt that he’s one of the hardest working actors out there!

Check out the full clip below, and then make sure you’re tuned into the series premiere tonight at 10/9c on ABC (10 ET/PT on CityTV in Canada).

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte, Copyright © 2012 TheTelevixen.com

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