Web Watch: Continuum Goes Interactive with Vine

There is a lot of great TV happening on the Web right now, from streaming sites like Netflix successfully venturing into the original content market, to exciting and innovative web series airing on YouTube, as well as Network TV extending popular series with webisodes and other interactive online content. That’s the inspiration for this new feature on TheTelevixen.com … Web Watch! We’ll be sharing with you what’s catching our attention, and to kick it off, let’s take a look at an interesting extension of the Continuum universe that was announced earlier this week!

Showcase announced the first fully integrated convergence of Vine and dramatic television with Continuum Interactive. A project developed by Showcase and Emmy Award-winning interactive agency, Secret Location, this multi-layered initiative gives Continuum fans a way to decide the outcome of the Season 2 finale through sharing and creating original social content. This digital storytelling will live on Showcase.ca/continuum, Twitter and Facebook.

The video application Vine plays a large role in this. After each new episode of Continuum, a six second web exclusive video will be released by an anonymous webmaster. The videos will expand the mythology and world of Continuum, and giving light to both sides of the Liber8 conflict. Viewers will be able to voice their opinions on the webmaster’s videos by sharing videos that they create on Vine, posting them on Facebook, and tweeting @Liber8Now or @1FutureOurWay.

Fans can also take part by tweeting @ContinuumSeries using the unique hashtags #Liber8Now and #1FutureOurWay. By picking a hashtag, fans choose a side in this debate, which will ultimately influence the outcome of the Season Two finale. And the more that viewers interact with the videos, the greater their chances of being rewarded with merchandise and social shout-outs from the cast.

You can read more about the project at the Showcase Blog. And we’ll check in with more on this very soon!

Continuum fans – are you excited to take part in this initiative and help influence where this season is headed? Are you planning to join the campaign? We’d love to hear from you if you’ve decided to take part. You can share your experience in the comments below.

Photo Courtesy of Showcase

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