The CW’s Vampire Diaries


Earlier this month, The CW announced that the Kevin Williamson/Julie Plec penned pilot for The Vampire Diaries got the green light. Williamson and Plec are also at the helm as co-executive producers.

On Friday, Variety reported that Steven R. McQueen, grandson of the late Steve McQueen, was cast in the role of Jeremy, younger brother to female lead Elena (which has yet to be cast).

I first heard about The Vampire Diaries last year when I started reading the Twilight series, and a friend told me there was a far better series that pre-dated Stephenie Meyer’s books. In fact, a week before the CW announcement was made, she loaned me the first two books. In fact, I’m planning to start reading them while on vacation next week.

News of this series has definitely piqued my interest. It worked for True Blood, in huge part to a great writer/exec producer Alan Ball. I think Williamson is the right person to bring the series to life on the small screen, especially if it taps into what was great about Dawson’s Creek and the Scream Trilogy – that is, cleverly written teen angst with just the right amount of horror.

I think there’s room for another vampire series in my TV viewing schedule. What do you think? Will you be checking out The Vampire Diaries? Or will you choose not to watch because a) Twilight has turned you off vampires for a while, b) True Blood is enough vamp on TV for the time being, or c) Buffy was, is, and will always be the only vampire series for you?

One thought on “The CW’s Vampire Diaries

  1. I loved this series as a teen in the 90’s and have re-read it lots of times. I think it’s way better than Twitlight.
    I look forward to checking out the tv series.
    But Elena never had a little brother. She only had a baby sister that was like 4 years old. I’m already not happy with such a major change.
    I can’t wait to see the casting for Damon & Stefan!

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