Upfront About … The CW’s The Secret Circle

Let’s check out The CW’s The Secret Circle in the latest edition of “Upfront About …” – the series in which we take a look at some of the upcoming TV season’s new offerings.

Now this is a show that I am really excited about, as a fan of The Vampire Diaries TV series, and someone who really enjoyed the Secret Circle books. I credit Kevin Williamson as being an integral part of doing such a fantastic job in bringing TVD to the small screen, and his involvement in TSC definitely earns it a spot on my must-watch list. Oh, and there’s the matter of Gale Harold being an evil BAMF – and still looking Brian Kinney hot as he does it! (Don’t know who Brian Kinney is? Look up Showtime’s Queer As Folk. Watch it. Thank me later.)

I was going to post a clip from the pilot, but then the awesome people at TheSecretCircle.net posted this fantastic 6.5 minute promo that I thought I’d share instead:

I have high hopes for this series, especially as a Thursday night companion to The Vampire Diaries.

What are your impressions of The Secret Circle after watching this promo? Think it has a shot of capturing that same TVD magic? Or is it just riding its supernatural predecessor’s broomstick … er … coattails?

Photo Courtesy of The CW

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